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The Chinese manufacturing company - which specializes in mobile phones, has been operating since 2009. In the last few years, they have become famous for their excellent smartphone devices. Recently they have expanded their operations to become a world-renowned brand, chasing the brand recognition of another Chinese brand like OPPO, thanks to their high-quality and impressive phones that are available at an affordable price compared to other brands. vivo currently offers customers three main product lines: the X-series, the Xplay series, and the Xshot series.

vivo XPlay3S

Smartphones from vivo

As mentioned above, vivo currently offers three main phone styles for customers to choose from. Each of the product lines specializes in a certain area of enterainment. The Xplay series was designed to maximize a user's high-fidelity (hifi) experience when listening to music, audiophiles are sure to fall in love with these phones. Coupled with this, the Xplay series offer consumers one of the best screens for watching movies. The Xplay3S is vivo's current flagship phone. The Xplay3S is the world's first smartphone with QuadHD Display Support which features the highest quality voice and audio experience.

The remaining two are the X series and the Xshot. Both of these smartphone product lines are designed with hifi excellence in mind and are reminiscent in appearence and design with top of the line ASUS smartphones . The X series is also designed specifically for mobility, with its thin and durable appearance, topped off with an average weight of 150g, it is sure to please. At the same time, the Xshot series sepcializes in video capture, with a huge 13MP main camera and an outrageous 8MP front-facing camera, this smartphone will have all of your video shooting desires covered.

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