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Vans: Not just Footwear, a Lifestyle you Love

With Vans, you don’t just get a pair of shoes, but an all encompassing way of alternative living. Their “off the wall” philosophy encourages different ways of living, thinking and self-expression. Thanks in part to the custom design lending to a more personalized identity, Vans are the choice of artists, skaters, musicians and creative thinkers who value a “one of a kind” life and who want a “one of a kind” product. Since the mid 70’s, when the company made the decision to embrace the skate culture kids who had appropriated their brand instead of appealing to more “desirable” consumers, the brand has been cultivating an distinct identity and created their own niche. By responding directly to the people who loved their gear, the company ended up not only carving out a space in the scene for themselves, but for the outcasts, the rejects and the rebels, the creative punks.

Today, the culture is thriving better than ever. The desire for an alternative way of life has never been stronger, its participants never had more freedom or confidence and the opportunities never been more vast. Vans have been actively involved in cultivating and encouraging this lifestyle around the product by building skate parks, organising music festivals and extreme sports events to explore and promote “off the wall” living. Read on to discover what products they have available to you.

Vans Shoes: Walk on the Wild Side

As for the shoes, they are a cross generational icon. Parents who loved them when they were young buy them for their children and the legend gets passed down another generation. Like the brand itself the shoes are enduring and hard wearing. The most famous and iconic pair are no doubt the Checkerboard Slip-On. These were designed after an employee at the company watched a teenage boy customise his own shoes with a Biro, and thus the checkerboard and the notion of custom design shoes was born. The Old Skool Vans shoesare perfect for skaters, male or female: comfortable, great grip and difficult to scuff and destroy. The classic line look good in nearly any outfit: their well loved style with side strip and clean silhouette can take you from day to nightwear. The Vans Authentic line are a simple, practical sneaker that suit most casual wear. They also have special edition lines, such as their Star Wars collection featuring limited design versions of your favorite shoes, clothing and accessories.

Alternative Fashion for Underground Style

Vans also has a clothing line that echoes the eccentricity and original designs that the brand is known for. Offering a range of effortlessly stylish sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets and slightly smarter shirts for men and women. The designs range from geometric patterns, to lace inserts for women; from retrospective tie-dye prints to futuristic neon Dino Crew details. Wear these clothes with or without the shoes, they still encapsulate the pro skate, pro surf lifestyle. Whether you prefer grungy, skater, surfer, slouchy or hardcore hipster style, this brand has the right outfit for your look.

Accessorize your Way of Life

With shades to keep the sun glare off of your face as you BMX with fold-able Spicoli Shades, protect your head with an “Off the Wall” emblazoned Beach Girl Trucker baseball cap and carry your copy of On the Road and your water bottle with you in your leopard print Realm Back Pack. Vans accessories are designed to enable your ideal way of living. They also have a pro-snow collection of beanie hats, woolly scarves and gloves for the Ski and ‘Board holiday season, ensuring that you are always looking great in West coast style - even away from your natural habitat - the sunshine.

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