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Playing volleyball is both an excellent workout and team sport. Whether you are bent on honing your skills for the sport, or simply want some bonding time with friends, there are key pieces of equipment that you should invest in.

To protect the player from sprains and other injuries, knee pads are essential. Comfort and durability are things to consider when purchasing gear for any sport. Volleyballs must be made of durable materials and must conform to quality standards. A good pair of shoes are must-haves for lateral support and flexible movement. Quality shoes are designed with a forefoot pivot circle for stability during turns. As volleyball rules are more flexible than those of other sport, movements and positions require tougher footwear. Duffel bags, shoe pockets, arm bands, and headbands are also available in the market. For shirts and shorts, Spandex, waterproof, and breathable fabrics are highly recommended. Do not forget to wear sun visors and sunblock when playing volleyball on the beach.

Go for brands like Mikasa, Mizuno, WinMax, Molten, or Kipsta for quality items, accessories and equipment. For clothing gear, Nike, Asics, Adidas, Mizuno, and Nfinity offer a great line of volleyball shoes, shirts, and shorts to choose from. Choose styles and fabrics which are comfortable, reliable, and easy to wash and to dry.

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