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Sony Tablets: Delivering Mobile Entertainment in a Durable Package


Entertainment is the Japanese company's spirit and they make it a point to embed this in every meticulously designed products they produce. Their collection of slates brings together their best content and technology together and takes them further to create a truly unique experience for every user. The brand is known for continuing their rich heritage through the products they deliver. Their Android line of slates is considered to be one of the most premium and high-performance line in the market. Their products sets new standards in entertainment by matching premium specifications with cross-device connectivity and a consistent user-experience. The design is uniform across the portfolio and the tablets mirror the appearance of the Sony smartphones.


Another signature of this line is its incredibly slim and lightweight design, built with nothing but premium materials. The build quality of Sony's slates rivals the one of the iPads and devices from the Microsoft Surface line. Their current flagship line features products with aluminum and glass chassis giving them an elegant look. They have the highest levels of water and dust resistance making them immune to fluid spills, splashes and even accidental dropping in the water. Reportedly, these products remain functional after remaining under water for 30 minutes. The company produced the first line of true waterproof mobile computing devices--unmatched by its competitors. Their Android tablets are perfect for anyone seeking a combination of unique style and technology.


The S and P Series


These are the company's first two lines of slates. Devices from the "S" line featured a "unique asymmetric design" which was inspired by the way people hold magazines. This design makes it easier to grip the device and promotes a sense of stability and lightness, offering comfortable use for hours. Like all of the company's slates, products in this line ran Android and came with a Bravia technology called TruBlack Display. The line was praised by critics and called it distinct and doesn't look like an iPad wannabe, which is a critic that has been avoided by other OEMs like the tablets coming from the ASUS design labs.


The "P" line is the brand's first ever set of slates. These mobile computing devices featured a clamshell design and two separate touchscreens. Having a clamshell design meant that these devices can be folded and easily stored in your pocket, somewhat similar to the current Nintendo DS XL design. However, the design proved to be problematic when playing games and reading and the company has since discontinued the line.


The Xperia S Series


Announced in 2012, this line retains the wrap design and screen size of the original line. Devices in this line do not feature glaring UI skins. They perform well enough and they do not miss any critical features of a good smartphone. They come pre-installed with a lot of useful software additions and they are among the first mobile devices to be integrated with all other products from the company. You can use them as remote, cable, and streaming service for your television sets and other compatible devices. Sadly, the company no longer manufactures products for this line to make way for their current line of powerful, slim, and extremely durable entertainment slates.


The Xperia Z Series


The beacon of the company’s pace of innovation, and latest addition to their collection of slates, the series is the brand’s best ever line of premium devices. The line combines the company’s camera and camcorder technologies, acclaimed Triluminos display with live color LED, and digital noise canceling technology for the most immersive entertainment viewing and listening experiences. This line of premium slates builds on the success and design of their smartphone counterpart. Devices in this line will look and feel familiar as they are basically bigger sized versions of the brand's flagship smartphone series. They are very slim, ultra-light, yet not feeble. They are designed to be tough enough to handle every usage. They offer ultra fast browsing, and the latest in processing technology. Their cameras also feature the same Exmor RS present in the phone version and they come pre-installed with a wide range of camera apps that make it even more fun and easy to take pictures. They can work as a TV, a remote control for the TV, a laptop (they come pre-loaded with OfficeSuit Pro softwares), and as a DualSHock 3 PS wireless controller. These slates will leave you with nothing to ask for as they deliver almost everything you need and want in a mobile computing device.


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