Sennheiser Head Phones: Best prices in Malaysia (19 Items found)

Sennheiser Headphones: “Pursuit of Perfect Sound”

Sennheiser is a brand focussed on quality. They strive to offer the best in performance, style and aftercare and to tailor their products to the individuals needs. Sennheiser headphones seek to provide the mobile user with the same high level of listening experience as is expected from high quality sound systems at home. The German company offers a large portfolio of products which can be tailored for whatever “mobile” means to you. Whether you are looking for wireless devices, earphones, private or professional use this brand has tailored its products for you, keep reading to discover which stylish original suits you best.

True Sound or Powerful Bass?

What does Sennheiser offer in a market strongly dominated by Skullcandy and the recently prolific Beats headphones or Skullcandy’s low to mid range and punky branding will not appeal to lovers of the mid-range to high end luxury brand brand. The company offers sleek and “sensational style”, much beloved by gadget reviewers and clients alike, as well as “tailor made solutions” to customer requirements. Their brand philosophy also professes a testimony to “true sound”. Comparatively, “Beats” by Dr. Dre allows the user to customise the sound rather than the headphones. Users are able to increase the bass, decrease the speed of the music, making the listening experience a potentially transformative experience rather than a “true” one. Arguably, the two different brands represent two opposing aesthetics, it is up to you what you prefer: the seriously stylish or the performatively playful. However, if you like the deep bass of the “Beats” sound but the fashionable style of the Sennheiser, check out Momentum for a powerful compromise of the two.

Bespoke Solutions for Wireless World

Sennheiser realises that the market for headphones is as diverse as the population itself. Gamers and commuters will have different expectations from their listening devices and the aesthetics of workplace equipment will be radically different from those seeking luxury, high end devices. They have specifically designed each headset with each category in mind, and offers a wide range bespokely built with different features for different users. For commuters and people who travel, noise cancelling technology like Sennheiser’s NoiseGard® will be best served, whereas for the office worker this will not be the priority. Home users and gym bunnies will appreciate the Bluetooth wireless headphones: no more getting tangled in wires, and the freedom to move about.

Making it Easy to Buy Online in Malaysia

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