Samsung Air Conditioners: Best prices in Malaysia (4 Items found)

The New Samsung Air Conditioner

Samsung is a well known brand in many parts of the world. The company prides itself in producing items that are not only great in terms of fulfilling its customers' comfort requirements, but also in terms of environmental protection and care. Samsung customers rave about the company's wide range of products that are manufactured using the best digital technology there is.

Samsung AC

Features of the Samsung Air Conditioner

One of the most talked about feature in Samsung's aircond line is the 'bio sleep' quality, whereby the natural biorhythm of the human body is somewhat captured so as to adjust room temperature. This enables the person in the room to have a good sleep, and hence feel fresh and invigorated upon waking up. It is a fact that the idea of a 'Samsung good sleep' makes this brand a very popular one. This feature its not present even in some of Panasonic's models, that are known for being market leaders.

Grab one and cool off!

There are many types of Samsung air conditioner available in the market place. Some of the designs are for home use, while others are meant for commercial buildings, an are where Samsung is facing stiff competition from Carrier air conditioners. For example, there are window air conditioners, home air conditioners, room air conditioners, through the wall air conditioners, and split ac. Each of these have different dimension, air flow, and cooling capacity. Some models are equipped with child lock system and anti mold trait, while most models have more than one cooling mode, auto restart, and other useful facilities. It is safe to say that all of this brand's air conditioners are energy efficient, and hence consume very little electricity if used in the correct manner.