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More Than Meets the Eye with Samsung


From their humble beginnings as a groceries and noodles producer in the Korean city of Busan, Samsung have grown into a multi billion dollar, multinational conglomerate, by continuing to reinvent and re-shape the technology industry, literally. Most recently, at the CES conference in 2014, the executive vice president of Samsung Electronics America announced three new products that would revolutionize the home entertainment market. The first being UHD 4K, or Ultra High Definition, the second, a 105 inch HD TV, the largest HD TV in the world and lastly, but by far the least, a new curved screen available in LED and UDH. This is not a new practise for this company who are constantly shaking up the home entertainment and personal entertainment industries. Along with their impressive screens, they are the largest producer of smartphones (yes, they sell more than Apple) since 1998, they dominate markets including ship building, engineering and construction. Between these four markets they contribute to over 17% of South Koreas $1082 billion revenue. As well as Samsung smartphones, the have also been leading the TV industry for the last 8 years, and with innovations like LED, UHD and curved screens, its really no surprise.

LED LCD, UHD 4K - Simplify the Jargon


The South Korean company produced its first black and white TV in the late 60’s and in 1995 developed the first liquid crystal display. They soon became the largest producer of LCD screens and in a joint venture with Sony TVs ensured that supply would keep up with the growing demand. Although they produce a huge range of screen they only produce two types, LED LCD and plasma. Each has it’s pluses and minuses and ultimately it is what will work best for you. When purchasing a new television you first have to evaluate the space in which it will be positioned. Its it a dark space or will there be lots of natural light? Will you be sitting close and will there be many people watching it from different angles? For instance, dark rooms would suit better to plasma screens as they often have a highly reflective surface and an LED would be too bright for a dark room and would hurt the eyes. Where as an LED is better for size variants as plasma can only comes in 40 inches or more. Where LED is a more expensive direct cost, in the long run it will cost less to run as its more energy efficient. These are just a few things to decide before making your purchase.


Literally Reshaping the Industry

Once you have decided on plasma or LED its time to get excited about all the extras that come with a Samsung television. As mention before they have recently introduced UHD 4K which is a superior viewing display which offers 4x greater definition than Full HD which has also enabled them to produce larger screens without compromising the resolution. The new QUAD HD technology gives the viewer an astonishing 8.3 million pixels so you can enjoy even brighter colours, crystal clear images and fluid motion. There are a lot of companies out there doing UHD 4K like Panasonic TVs and Sony TVs but if you want the ultimate view experience, you should consider the new Samsung Curved TV, offered in both LED and UHD 4K. The screen is curved slightly towards the viewer to enhance viewing angles and immerse you further into what ever you are watching or playing and also allows perfect viewing from different angles, unlike a flat screen. Not only does it do all of this but the aesthetics of the curved screen give it an elegant and almost futuristic appearance.


Now Smarter Than Ever


As technology advances way past what we thought was possible and almost every electronic is wifi enabled its no surprise that our TVs are also. In recent years manufacturers have introduced to us the Smart TV. By enabling internet connection on our home entertainment systems they have opened up a world of possibilities. Not only is there the expected capabilities like browsing the internet, watching youtube clips and social networking but with specially designed apps and software your TV will become so much more. In built with most new models of this brand are a wide selection of apps ranging from games to news and news and of course TV and movie streaming programs. Thanks to Smart Hub you will have access to more shows, more games and more music than ever before. This is just the beginning, on Smart TVs can can watch up to four things at once on the Quad screen, you can interact with the device through other smart devices including smartphones and tablets making sharing photos and videos on a large screen easier than ever and your smart device can also act as a remote. However, they have also introduced the new Smart Remote which can be controlled through verbal instruction including asking for recommendations and selecting a channel or apps or movies or TV shows...the list goes on. And just like your smartphone or tablet the new Smart TVs come with the latest software and when this needs updating, its as simple as the click of a button, with Samsung Evolutionary TV. These are just some of the things you can do but I’m sure once you get your own you will discover much more.


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