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Samsung Smartwatches are Ahead of their Time


Believe it or not, smartwatches, or at least wearable computers, are not a new thing, in fact, the first wearable technology was invented in the late 70s by Pulsar (later Seiko) and was a basic digital watch with a memory bank. Since then, there have been several attempts at redesigning and re inventing the digital watch and one of the main players doing so may surprise you; Samsung. Technically the companies first model was the original watch phone with LCD screen, external protruding antenna and microphone and speaker, released in 1990. However, last year they really upped their game with the official smartwatch, good looking technology that can be worn on your wrist and connects wirelessly to your Samsung smartphones allowing you to use you phone less but still take advantage of apps, calls and emails.


Fashionable, Wearable Technology


In September 2013 they released the Galaxy Gear, one of the first wearables to hit the market. The tech company, like many others, could see the potential in this market and is trying everything to hit the nail on the head with what consumers want when it comes to smartwatches. In an attempt to dominate the market, as they have with their smartphones, they now have 6 models on the market, each an improvement of the last but all with different specs to the last. The latest model, released in October this year, is the Gear S, featuring a 2 inch curved OLED screen with 300ppi, their largest yet, although, bigger isn’t always better, especially with wearable devices. Previous models have a slightly smaller screen at 1.63 inches and feature a lot of the same specs found in the new Gears S. The exception is Gear Fit which is much smaller and more limited in its functions as its main purpose is to act as a fitness companion and takes the form of a band rather than a watch, consequently it is much cheaper. Where some competitors like the Motorola smartwatch have taken to a more watch like circle face, Samsung are sticking with the rectangle screen as have Apple, their biggest competitor. The Gear line of smartwatches has also lead to the introduction of Tizen OS, software specifically designed for the line. The only exception is the Gear Live which runs Android Wear. Although the OS is relatively new the app store has seen a huge increase in range and number of products available.



Do More with Less


Out of the box these watches come with impressive built in capabilities and functions which become almost unlimited with access to over 1000 different apps. From the moment you wake your smartwatch will begin shaping your day. It records your sleeping patterns including heart rate and it has a smart wake feature which will gently help you rise from your slumber, then the real fun begins. Check emails, meetings and messages through the day and reply with basic text. Voice commands allow you to easily use the devices small screen with more precise control. GPS can navigate you around the most complex cities and direct you step by step with both visual and verbal instructions. Monitor your daily activity throughout the day with a digital pedometer and input your calorie intake to make sure that sneaky chocolate muffin isn’t setting you too far from your daily goals. Make calls and take calls and even video call (only on Galaxy Gear and Gear 2). Train harder with set personal goals to help you stay motivated through even the hardest of workouts, see calories burnt, miles ran or stairs climbed. Receive notifications from third party apps including social media so you never miss a thing and of course, tell the time on a number of different watch face options. Where the first 5 models were designed to be an extension of your smartphone the latest is the first step towards the device becoming its own and running indepently. Although you will still need to connect it to your phone, the new Gear S comes with a sim card slot allowing you to be further from your phone or even leave it at home. The battery on these generally last 1-2 days and although there are others that last longer like LG smartwatches, this is about standard.


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Watches have been a vital accessory throughout the centuries but with the introduction of the smartphone we saw a decrease in their ‘necessity’. Now they are back and smarter than ever. No longer are watches about telling time but also saving time and you’ll save even more time with Price Panda. We have collected the best smartwatches on the market and put them all on one site so your decision has never been easier. Browse and compare different models and specs then compare prices and deals from the best stores in Malaysia that you know, love and trust. Buy a Samsung smartwatch now and you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without it.