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Samsung Mobile: A Lasting Legacy

Feature Phones

While it may seem that the recent surge of smartphone demand is replacing the need for classic mobile handsets, with simple voice and text functionality, this is a misconception. Samsung keep in stock up to date feature phones which are, in their words, simple, sleek and elegant. It is the simplicity of the devices that gives them their appeal, and of course in the modern day and age, if they have a tidiness and minimalism about their design. Samsung are renowned for their classic style in designing mobiles, toting smooth curves and monochrome colours, they suit both business and leisure. Whether you prefer a flip-phone, sliding phone or a standard cell phone we can find the right phone for you, at the right price.

Who Needs #DumbPhones?

The obvious advantage of these types of phones is their cost. Why over spend when you only need it for basic functions? Whether you need to keep in touch with a child going away on their first holiday, or if you are travelling and don’t want to carry around expensive tech or eat into your mobile data and run up a huge bill - these handsets are extraordinarily useful. They are cheap, you don’t need to pay line rental and can just top up with credit and away you go. It’s easy to be social. Don’t let international travel stop you from staying in touch!

Super Handy

They also come in handy for secondary usage - as a separate contact number for external business contacts who you would rather didn’t have your main contact number. There’s no need to be side swiping through numerous home screens when all you need it for is a few key activities, having a feature phone as your secondary device saves you time and money. An additional advantage is the increased security. If you want a more traceless phone, then its much better to have one without a camera or GPS location services. Some lines of work require this, such as people with high profile clients. Furthermore, if you want a device that is ruggedized, for instance if you have an outdoor and active lifestyle, that is protected from wind and weather, it is much cheaper to get this with only basic calls.

Finding your Ideal Match

Some of these devices have added very basic internet functions and features such as touch screen, though the capabilities are no where near as could as regular smartphones, earning them the affectionate nickname “dumb phones”. So, what mobile device matches your expectations? Will you need just the bare essentials, or would you prefer a little extra emergency internet capabilities or Bluetooth functionality? Perhaps you even want a top of the line, 4G Browse through the category to find a price and a style that catches your eye click on the image and then read through the description and specs to finalise your decision. We make it easier for you to find your perfect companion, or the ideal gift, by showing you the biggest collection of products in one place online in Malaysia.

Upgrading your Mobile Connection

Of course, Samsung don't only have feature phones and if you are willing to spend more money or simply need a device with higher functionality- the Korean Giant have a world reknowned line of smartphones, in a range of price ranges and with a variety of functionality. Check it out to find out more specific information.

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