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Samsung smartphones: Globally Great

Samsung are a South Korean multinational conglomerate corporation who have their origins in Samsung Town, Seoul (yes, they have their own town!). Renowned for their productions of electronics entertainment goods, they are also have subsidiaries in shipbuilding, engineering and construction, life insurance as well as Samsung Everland - the oldest theme park in South Korea. What they are most famous for of course is their extraordinary line of smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy line with their Android-powered mobile computing devices being the most well known.

The rising popularity of the Smartphone

Smartphones have never been more in vogue. It all started with Apple when the introducted the original iPhone to the world. Endlessly useful, wonderfully versatile: these devices are totally reworking the way that we interact with work, friends, family and our environment. Used as media consumption devices, for recording and taking videos, for editing and reworking, for research and productivity as well as for staying in touch - smartphones are a must have addition to modern life in the 21st century. During the initial decade, smartphones remained a luxury item, one which only the privileged could afford. Now, with brands like Samsung producing ever more competitive devices - it seems like everyone has one - and the world will never be the same again. Connected via 3G, 4G or over the Wi-Fi - no one is ever out of reach. While arguably this could be seen as a bad thing, there is always the choice to turn your phone off or leave it at home when you want to share some quality time with people. However, if you have ever been lost in a new city, missed your last train home, made a transatlantic Skype business call, then you will realise the invaluable nature of these devices. Thankfully, Samsung offer a wide range of products so you can really choose the one that suits you the best. Take a look below and see what they have to offer in terms of design, price range, competition and series. Lately we are seeing a trend where smartphones are getting slightly bigger every year, and some of the company's devices are reaching Samsung tablets levels of screen size.

Evolution of Design: Galaxy vs Apple

The Galaxy branding is used to refer to Samsung’s most popular devices, which run on the open source OS Android. The Galaxy S series were the first smartphones to really leave their mark on the global market, and it was then that the brand became touted as the “anti-iPhone”. The legal disputes between Apple and Samsung are well known, but this is because the tech giants are both at the top of their field, one anothers main competitors. The distinctive design the smartphones, the curved blue edges and still surface of the black screen, Samsung claimed were designed to evoke the tranquil imagery of “a bowl of water”, rather than that of their fiercest competitors. Whereas Apple are limited in their releases with little choice for fans, Samsung have a whole range of devices tailored for any budget. They are extremely democratic in their tech production: from their high-end flagships with the Galaxy S range, down through the Alpha which bridges the gap between mid and top end, right down to the more affordable, budget smartphones.

Larger screens for Greater use

Samsung also revolutionised the way that we used smartphones. How? By making the screen an inch bigger. Now, no longer just for checking texts and basic browsing the smartphone began to be indispensable to the modern world. Photo viewing, web browsing, email reading, even PDF and E-booking reading suddenly became much more pleasurable. You could now share youtube videos with your friends while you were out and and about - Samsung had developed a screen that could be used for doing the same things that tablets and computers could do. Of course, after the launch of the iPad everyone scrambled to compete, but none quite so much as the Note range, which came with its own S pen stylus supports for the truly authentic journal feel. Apple has only just caught up with the trend for larger screen sizing for mobiles that Samsung trail blazed. making sure that there were truly no gaps left in the market the Phablet became pushed, bridging the gap between tablet and smartphone so that every need for every individual was truly taken care of by the Korean tech giants. Samsung kind of invented this trend of large screens , with other OEMs like Nokia's smartphones are following.

Lifestyle Features

Other features include their own touchscreen interface, Touchwiz, which has proved an easy and enjoyable way to navigate the devices. The newer devices now come with health scanners and monitors such as the health scanners and monitors such as the S health app which aside from being a pedometer, also tracks your heart rate. You can even pair your smartphone to other accessories such as the Galaxy Gear range - a wristwatch that is also a companion to you mobile device. The smartphone powers the watches OS making it even easier for you to keep track of notifications, emails, health. It has never been easier to take care of your life, fitness and work.

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