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Samsung: Constantly Reinventing the Tablet Market

  Galaxy Tab S White

The South Korean tech giant is not the number one manufacturer and marketer of mobile devices for no reason. They produce some of the bestselling and most coveted consumer electronics around. Their range of excellent Samsung smartphones has occupied the top spot for several years in a row now and their vast collection of slates keeps growing - including Samsung tablets, to make sure that there is one that will fit everyone's needs. Their exceptional technology and innovative design, and differentiated product design makes them standout from all the rest


The company's telecommunication and computing devices are focused on people and are inspired by innovation. They always aim to deepen the value of their products regardless of its target market. They provide next-generation network infrastructure and solutions with outstanding technology and successful experience. In fact, it is this commitment to innovation that powered the global expansion of 4G technology which is not just utilized by the company but also by several other devices from competing manufacturers. Samsung tablets are among the most connected in the industry, they are elegant, well-built, and come with the latest technology. Samsung has several devices in this range but their most famous ranges are the following:


The Galaxy Tab Collection


A truly revolutionary line of products, this range is responsible for the first phone-tablet hybrid. They come with all the functions we need in a tablet plus the added bonus of making a call through them. This upper mid-range collection of Android devices includes models featuring displays measuring 7.7, 8.9, and 10.1 inches. They offer users a better experience for work, entertainment and connecting with people. These tablets from Samsung come with HD screens, built-in flash, better multitasking thanks to their powerful processors, and faster connectivity thanks to their HSPA+ and 4G capabilities. Samsung recently added a "Pro" line to this collection and it is comprised of devices that are extra powerful and come with more productivity tools. These devices are designed to go head to head with Apple's major seller, the iPad range of tablets.

Samsung Tablet

The most recent addition to this very popular line of Samsung tablets is the "Tab S" line. This line is like the equivalent of its Galaxy S range of smartphones. They boast the most premium design. They are light and very slim giving users the utmost portability. They are optimized for multi-tasking allowing you to browse the web while performing other tasks such as streaming a video or doing a conference call. They effortlessly connect to other compatible devices and they feature a finger scanner that provides convenience and extra security to users. This line is also the first to feature Cisco WebEx remote video conference and remote computer access that is compatible with both Windows and Mac.


Note and Nexus: From Phablets to Tablets


Known for their accompanying stylus, this line of high-end Android devices pioneered the phablet. It is also the first to achieve commercial success in the line. Devices in this range come with softwares that are oriented towards the stylus and the devices' large screens, such as note taking and digital scrapbooking apps, and split-screen multitasking. They are the ultimate on-the-go device which consolidates core benefits of diverse mobile devices while maintaining smartphone portability. They are geared towards minimizing the need to switch to other devices while on the go. A "Note Pro" line was recently added and they included apps and software features that will exceed anything you'll find on a pure Android tablet. This range of devices are somewhat similar to the Transformer line of competitors ASUS.


Speaking of pure Android, Samsung also manufactures such devices. They offer superior design and swift performance. They are excellent for watching videos, browsing the web, viewing images, and casual gaming. These tablets from Samsung come with shared, full HD displays and a relatively affordable price tag, making them a better deal than most competing devices including the iPad.


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Samsung's collection of tablets are among the best in the market, they offer unparalleled performance, classy and elegant design, and a plethora of useful features. If you are looking to buy one (or two) and need more information to know which one will be perfect for you then you've come to the right place. At PricePanda you will be able to read all the necessary information such as user reviews, expert reviews, product descriptions, features, and many more. Once you found the product that suits your needs you can then proceed to comparing prices from different retailers so you can be sure that not only are you getting the perfect product but you are getting it at the best possible price.