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Through the Prada Viewing Glass

Creation of ‘The Pradasphere’

"Careful observation of and curiosity about the world, society, and culture are at the core of Prada’s creativity and modernity. This pursuit has pushed Prada beyond the physical limitations of boutiques and showrooms, provoked an interaction with different and seemingly distant worlds, and introduced a new way to create a natural, almost fashionless fashion."

Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli

Prada Logo

Prada’s iconic Italian designs have long been associated with the best in the fashion industry. When Mario Prada opened their first store in 1913 in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, he had big plans for his little store and when Miuccia Prada, Mario’s granddaughter, joined forces with luxury leather craftsmen Patrizio Bertelli in the 1970’s they paved the way to a world of dominance in the high fashion industry.

A High Fashion and Cultural Symbol

Leading the fashion field for over 100 years, Prada has become synonymous with the elite, in fact Prada was once the official supplier to the Italian Royal family in 1919 thus incorporating the savoy coat of arms and the figure 8 knotted rope in their logo. During their rise Prada has expanded their global empire through collaboration with the best in design, not only in fashion but in art, culture, performance, film and architecture. They are found in over 70 countries in cities including New York, London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo and Shanghai and have stores designed by world renowned architects including Rem Koolhaas, and Herzog & de Meuron (both winners of the Pritzker Prize, the Nobel for Architecture). They have commissioned and produced several short films with acclaimed directors and actors and have put back into the culture and cities of their founding land by investing thousands to see the restoration of several heritage artworks, statues and buildings throughout Italy. Recently they collaborated with costume designer Catherine Martin to produce 40 unique dresses for ‘Great Gatsby’ which were then showcased in exhibitions around the world.

Sketch of Sunglasses

Perfect Material for Iconic Italian Design

In the 1950s Prada introduced a new nylon material made from a fine weave to give the appearance of silk, this fabric was an innovation and the result of many hours of research and testing. This material went on to shape future fashion trends as well as the way the brand approaches material quality and selection. Prada products cover a wide range of items from all types of shoes, and luxury clothing and the season's ‘it’ bag to name a few . Over 4 million linear meters of fabric and 3.6 million square meters of leather are used every year for Prada products. Materials are carefully selected for their quality. Whether its the softest leather from Italy or the finest silks from China, Prada has trained experts dealing with leading suppliers who often custom make materials for Prada products. Every process of the Prada design is carefully detailed to ensure the very best quality product for you.

Leading the Way, One Accessory at a Time

Prada’s original market was the high end luggage, accessories and goods for the most sophisticated of Europeans and with Miuccia Prada’s unconventional eye for fashion and trends it has expanded into an empire which produces womens and mens luxury clothing and footwear, fragrances, luggage and handbags and of course eyewear including several ranges of Prada sunglasses and spectacle frames.

Prada lead the fashion field when first launched its range of eyewear in 2000 and took sunglasses and spectacles from a functional item to a fashion must have that no outfit should be without. Since their first release Prada have worked with Luxottica to produce both classic and modern shades for people looking to add that extra dimension of impact to their outfit.

Their range of eyewear are as vast and unique as the people who wear them. Their products align with their visual identity of distinctive yet chic design with a playful use of colour that is bound to take any outfit to the next level. Prada launched its Illusion Sunglasses in the Tokyo Epicenter with the help of fashion icon Alana Dello Russo and later a limited edition of Classic Baroque sunglasses straight from the runway which were a classic representation of Prada’s modern, fun and fresh approach to high fashion.

A Best Fashion for the Best Price

Fashion has always been about being a part of something, something exclusive but also something that makes you stand out in a crowd. In the early days it was about claiming your place in society and for a long time these high end fashion brands have been out of reach for so many. However, when brands like Prada introduced luxury eyewear and accessories the fashion world opened its doors to all. Maybe you spotted your dream sunglasses on holiday or saw that actress wearing them in a glossy magazine. Now you can add that little bit of luxury to your life for the very best price with Price Panda. Search through hundreds of Prada products and compare design, colours and price all in the one place then purchase it securely through a recognised and trusted store, either online or in person.