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Polaroid Cameras: Vintage Appeal with Digital Sharing Capabilities

Polaroid cameras have come a long way since the days of point and print. While the vintage appeal still stands, the company have realised that it is time to step out of sepia and into the world of digital media. Instagram’s retro hued filters have reduced the need for physical polaroids in modern life, as people manipulate their photos to look as classic or filtered, easily and with full control. While the Polaroid camera and picture will forever be a treasured part of history, and of course the easily printable picture still has its place today, for the US company its time to take a step forward into the world of the digital camera. Although the company still isn’t as well known as brands like Casio for their current product production, they are making a steady and pervasive comeback, featuring on the likes of the Ellen DeGeneres show in the US and cornering a niche in the market with more affordable choices. Read through our description of this nostalgic revival of everyone's favourite instant camera to find out what they can offer you today.

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What can the company offer for the 21st century?

Polaroid most famously produces cameras, but also produces consumer electronics and even glasses, produced its famous instant film cameras in 1948. Since then Polaroid has been a household name, and like Hoover, all products that follow in its path can’t seem to shake the original title. In 2008 the company finally made the big decision that saved their company from falling into the obscurities of history and bankruptcy - they ditched the instant film and turned towards the digital. In 2010 the teamed up with the notorious Lady Gaga to be the new face of their new series. Within this was the extremely futuristic Polaroid Sunglasses, the only pair of sunglasses that could also take pictures, accompanied with a printer. However, these turned out to be too futuristic, and a massive over compensation as the glasses never failed to materialise in the commercial market. No, what they needed was something that was a little more in the current zeitgeist in order to boost the sales they so desperately needed. Finally, it seems, they found it. Introducing, the Polaroid Cube.

Cheap and affordable, the Cube is an Innovation in its Niche

Polaroid Cube - a lifestyle action camera that is water resistant, shockproof and rugged, a much cheaper version of the GoPro Cameras . This tiny, cute and colourful series can be attached to anything metallic, via a magnet and its wide angle lens give you 124 degrees of viewing so that you get a fully wide screen, peripheral shot. Perfect for big adventures, where you wouldn’t want to miss a thing. You can submerge it in water, get it dirty, even drop it on the ground, this seemingly cute little guy will roll with your rough and ready lifestyle. It’s worked its way into the hearts of athletes and fans of extreme sports and activities thanks to its compact size (35mm) and tough exterior. It’s perfect for those who need more flexibility in their video recordings and is prepared to capture the brilliance of even the most daredevil of activities. Toss it around, strap it to your helmet or motorbike and the sky's your limit. Skydiving, anyone?

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No need to choose between digital and instant print, combine both for the ultimate camera

The Instax series is another type of camera that gives you retro instant shots. While they are not strictly affiliated with Polaroid, they have closer ties with their manufacturer Fujifilm, they are endorsed and often sold by the US company because Polaroid no longer produce their signature vintage product, which is why we have them grouped together here. What they do offer is a 10MP digital instant print camera. If you want a high quality affordable digital camera without the gimmicks however, check out Sony Cameras, which provide great quality lenses and high MP at a modest price. However, if you want a cheap camera you can toss to your friends and take anywhere, this is the one for you. Browse through the rest of our Polaroid section to discover what unusual and off the beaten track gifts you can discover for friends, family, or even yourself.

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