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Wide Range of Philips Products in Malaysia


Philips, one the global leaders in electrical appliances and electronic devices, also offers one of the widest product portfolio among its main competitors. With more than 120 years of experience behind, the Dutch manufacturer is present in worldwide markets with all kind of items, ranging from kitchen and laundry equipments to high fidelity audio devices, from entertainment to female and male beauty care. In the range of products available on our website you will be able to find anything that suits your taste and wallet, from top-of-the-range expensive premium products to cheap and simple ones to satisfy our more budget-conscious customers. Browse our list and check our category links to find what you are looking for.


Hi-Tech for your Home


When you are busy cooking in your kitchen, you want to have the most reliable appliances to support you. Take a look at our range of electric appliances, including blenders, toasters and mixers, there to make your life easier thanks to the top of technology. Also keep your house tidy and clean with the most advanced housekeeping appliances, which will guarantee the best of performance at low energy consumption and with a minimum effort.


Immersive Entertainment


If you like to watch your favorite movies without giving up on resolution, bring the true emotions of cinema to your living room taking one of these state-of-the-art LED TVs home with you. A huge screen size and stunning image quality will keep you stuck to the sofa for hours and hours of non-stop entertainment. Bring the same quality and standards on your desktop computer, picking one from the range of monitors offered. Are you a fan of music and want to always hear it at the best quality? Then look at the choice of headphones and loudspeakers available to get the best audio quality and fidelity at home as well as outside.


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Interested in buying a Philips product? Then shop online with us to find the best deals for your purchase. Check the price list provided by our partner retailers and compare prices and features to pick the one that suits your needs. PricePanda Malaysia is committed to deliver you the most updated offers in Malaysia to help you save the most of money when buying online.