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Important facts about Philips LED TV

If buying a new TV is on your mind, you will need to know about the different options available in the market. You may have heard of the latest flat screen displays that the greatest electronics brands are offering today. For instance, Sony, Samsung, and, Philips Malaysia etc are offering various kinds of LED and LCD TVs. Let us look at some important facts about Philips LED TV that you should know before investing in one.

How Philips LED TVs work

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The difference between LCD TVs and LED TVs is very small. A Philips LED TV is only an LCD television that’s backlit with the LED technology or Light Emitting Diodes rather than the CCFL backlight. Previous versions of LED based televisions used the “full array” of light emitting diodes from corner to corner of the LCD panel.

Later, in order to design sleeker televisions, the extra layer of LEDs was eliminated by the engineers. Instead all four sides of the television are now affixed with the LEDs and the light is projected into the center of the TV by means of “light guides.” These TVs known as edge-lit LED based LCD TVs, are commonly available these days.

Backlight: the defining Philips LED TV feature

LED backlighting has some important features. Firstly, it can significantly reduce power consumption. LCD and LED televisions are more energy efficient than Plasma TVs. Another important point to consider is that LED backlighting will only get better with time. The recent improvements in edge-lit technology have ascertained this.

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