Panasonic Refrigerators: Best prices in Malaysia (2 Items found)

Panasonic Refrigerators

Panasonic has launched a new series of refrigerators which are the first ever A+++ rated and have two doors, which is another way of saving energy. Also the A++ rated are rather efficient and environment friendly. The big size of most of the fridges by Panasonic lets you save a lot of food and beverages, separate fruits and vegetables and be sure that everything remain fresher for longer. The body of the fridge is resistant and made out of aluminium.

Panasonic Refrigerators models

Panasonic offers different models of refrigerators, and here at PricePanda Malaysia you will be able to find some of them, with different gross capacities, starting from 115L up to 573L, different weights, from 26kg to 98kg, different colors to choose, green, black, champagne, silver and even rose and with different door-options (one door, double door, french door). Some of the models also have the Panasonic's patented "Vitamin-Safe" technology, whit special compartments whose temperature can be adjusted between 0° and 5°.

Panasonic Refrigerators Price in Malaysia

Prices of the Panasonic refrigerators vary according the their capacity and the size. PricePanda Malaysia tries to offer you a wide choice of fridges, in order to satisfy any need. Check them out and choose your favourite model at the best price.