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Panasonic Dual Inverter AC

Panasonic Air Conditioners: Keeping You Cool and Comfortable without Harming the Environment

Panasonic is a worldwide leader in electronics and the development and engineering of consumer, industrial, residential, non-residential, mobility and personal applications solutions. The company pioneered many innovative products including cutting edge television sets, and other eco-friendly home appliances. It is committed to pursuing new value through innovation across divisional lines and it continues to strive to create a better life and a better world for its customers.

Their line of air conditioners are known for their exceptional durability, shock resistance, overall quality, and ability to make your indoor life very comfortable. The brand's collection of ACs provide a level of durability that ensures stable operation for many years. Every individual AC unit, regardless of type, undergoes a compressor reliability test, an operating test in harsh conditions (such as high temperature, high humidity environment), and a waterproof test. Aside from having the ability to endure extreme conditions, each unit are engineered to withstand drops (the product packaging has been strengthened to prevent it from being damaged), vibrations (A test is conducted to confirm that the product operates properly even after applying vibrations in both horizontal and vertical directions), and even stacking. Panasonic aircons are basically the GoPros of the air conditioning market.

The brand's aircons comply with all the required industrial standards and regulations and their parts, even the most minute ones, are of the highest quality. Having the best quality materials enables each unit to provide you with nothing but the highest reliability. They are efficiently manufactured at the company's state-of-the-art and environmental compliant factories ensuring high and uniform quality for each unit. Panasonic's excellent environmental practices does not stop at their factories, in fact, their ACs carry it with them to your home. Most of their products come with the energy star certificate and are ranked 9th by GreenPeace in terms of eco-friendliness.

High-precision Sensors, Advanced Air Conditioning, and More

Aside from being ultra durable, Panasonic air conditioners, no matter what type, are also intelligent. They know when energy is being wasted and they automatically adjust their cooling output even without your intervention through their Econavi feature. The Econavi function detects and reduces energy waste in all the right ways. It can detect if no one is in the room, the amount of sunlight entering the room, the temperature wave, and the activity being performed in its area. Econavi switches from the level you left it to reduce cooling once it detects that no person is inside the room anymore. It detects changes in sunlight intensity in the room and judges whether it is sunny or cloudy/night. It then reduces the waste of cooling under less sunlight conditions. It comes with sensors that shifts temperature control to make sure that you stay comfortable, not too chilly and not too warm. It detects changes in human movements and sends cool air only to areas where there are people. If it detects that human activity levels are low, it switches from high to mild cooling, keeping you very comfortable while keeping your electricity consumption low.

Another energy saving feature offered by the brand's ACs are their flexibility to vary the rotation speed of their compressor. By doing this the AC unit will need less energy in maintaining the set temperature while cooling the room quickly. This function is called the "inverter" feature and AC units with this capability can cut power consumption by as much as 50% while keeping the room at just the right temperature all the time. It also lets the AC cool your room rapidly soon after you switch it on (up to 1.5 times faster than models without the inverter feature).This feature is found in the offerings of other manufacturers like Samsung's air conditioner line .

Want more than just energy savings and optimum comfort= Panasonic aircons, especially the newer models, now come with "nanoe-G". Nanoe-G is the air-purifying system developed by the brand that uses nanotechnology fine particles consisting of ions and radicals. These fine particles traps and filters micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses providing you with a comfortable, power saving, and cleaner living environment. The nanoe-G particles contain natural components of the air and does not use chemicals making them safe even for children and infants. It can remove up to 99% of airborne bacteria, viruses, and other microorganism in the air preventing allergies, and even the contraction of colds, flu, and other contagious diseases.

Which AC Type Best Suits Your Room?

There are several types of air conditioning units and each has their own merit. It is up to you to pick one which best fits your home, office, or room. The types range from those installed in windows, to models which can be rolled around the house, to units mounted on a wall, to central air conditioning. Before purchasing one, you must first consider the size of the room where you will be placing the AC, the size of the area where you will install it, and the electrical requirements. Panasonic manufactures all types of ACs but their most popular consumer models are as follows:

  • Window and Wall types: These types are the most popular. They are easy to install and are mostly affordable with some models doubling as heaters. As their name suggests, they are usually fitted on the window or the wall.
  • Portable or Free Standing units: Also mostly affordable, portable and freestanding units offer the extra advantage of being mobile. You can bring them anywhere you need cooling, they are relatively easy to setup and they don't require permanent installation. Having the ability to move them around can eliminate your need to purchase more than one unit of AC.
  • Split or Ductless Air Conditioner: These types are increasingly becoming popular as they don't require ductwork. They operate through an outdoor condenser that powers the indoor unit giving you year round comfort. They are often very powerful and comes with several functions such as heating, dehumidifying, and many more.

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