Panasonic Televisions: Best prices in Malaysia (7 Items found)

Asia’s Best LCD TVs by Panasonic

Panasonic TV is the product of Japan’s innovative Panasonic Corporation. The brand’s TV products come in both LED and LCD screens, which are built to project high resolution and sharp image qualities. Expanding worldwide, the Panasonic Corporation has established hundreds of branches in Asia with millions of exported LCD TVs.

Panasonic VIERA

Panasonic betters its old TV models with its elite Viera LCD TVs. The casually styled Viera TH-L32C5K is a 32 inch LCD screen TV is an affordable model with good features. It can serve as a Media Player with USB playback capabilities and it can view various music and video formats. Ports include one HDMI terminal, one USB port and a PC Input Terminal for desktop or laptop linking. The picture mode can be changed into Cinematic view, Normal, Dynamic or User defined.

The bigger Panasonic LCD TV version is at 42 inches, listed as Viera TH-L42U5K. It has the same connectivity features and terminal ports. This version has full HD display of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. It supports MP3 and JPG formats for easy audio and video viewing. It is also compatible with HID compliant keyboards as well as A2DP compliant audio devices. Panasonic TV also offer Smart Viera LED-LCD versions. These models have LCD screens with LED backlighting for energy-saving purposes.

Best LCD TV to buy in Asia

Most models are available in Asia at Panasonic’s official stores but are at a more affordable price in Malaysia branches. There are 11 official branches in the country, with the most updated at Melaka and Kuching. For more buying options, Panasonic LED or LCD TVs can be found at and other price comparison websites in Southeast Asia.

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