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OPPO: Making High Quality Smartphones Affordable

Since entering the mobile market in 2008, the Chinese manufacturer has been restless in their pursuit of the latest technology and the highest quality products that are within the average consumer's reach. The company is very passionate about exploring the latest that technology in order to incorporate it to their products. They make sure that all their products, regardless of price range, will push boundaries. The brand is responsible for releasing 2012's slimmest smartphone, not only was it the slimmest phone of the year but was also the thinnest smartphone in the world at that time. This feat was soon followed by the release of an OPPO smartphone with hardware supported HDR, another first in the mobile world.

The company utilizes only the highest quality components for all their products. They build alliances with leading suppliers to make sure that they only provide them with the best hardware available without incurring unnecessary extra costs. They also invest heavily on their in-house research and development capacity as unlike other Chinese manufacturers that just copies off of market leaders, they design, develop, and manufacture all their devices themselves.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of the company's business. The do their best to understand their consumers and even co-develop their products with them through feedback. They take feedback they get and integrate them into their hardware and software development.For instance, the company's product cycle, and fast and free firmware updates were based on customer feedback.

With OPPO Smartphones, Technology Meets Simplicity

Though not yet a household name, OPPO smartphones are some of the world's most advanced devices. Their Find series boasts of many groundbreaking products, the world's slimmest phone,the first handset with HDR support built-in, and the world's first phone with a 1080p IPS screen (441 pixel per inch density). Their flagship line comes with the company's one glass solution technology that helps heighten your visual experience at it combines touch sensors with display.

As for design, the brand's products usually comes with a simple yet modern design. They are built for both function, ergonomics, and aesthetic appeal. Even their mid-range N line comes with a stainless steel frame with subtle curves, sleek lines, and a solid feel while remaining light and very easy to handle and use even with just one hand. Their phones often come with larger displays but with very thin bezels allowing them to still be easily handled amidst their wide screen. Each unit is equipped with "easy light" which notifies you with a fluorescent, flashing light whenever you receive a text, call or email. This subtle addition allows every OPPO phone to be responsive and always alert while conserving precious battery life.

OPPO is among the few manufacturer that manages to equip their smartphones with premium specs like Dirac HD sound technology (this feature elevates the sound quality of your phone's built-in speakers), DOlby Mobile 3.0, the latest Qualcomm processors, Wi-Fi display (this feature will allow you to project your OPPO phone's content to your HD TV, another phone, tablet, or laptop), DLNA (allows you to share texts, videos, and music with other devices even without Wi-Fi), NFC, and supports not just Android, but several other firmwares. This is one feature that remains unmatched by even Samsung and their fiercest competitor at home, Xiaomi smartphones. The brand delivers all these amazing features while maintaining their prices low, even lover than ASUS' budget devices.

ColorOS, CyanogenMod and Paranoid Android

The brand is very unique as it prefers to run more than just one open source firmware. Android is currently the most used but the company opted to run alternative firmwares to the delight of many "techies". You can choose from CyanogeMod (an aftermarket ware that comes with features not found in official Android based wares), Paranoid Android (the first and only ROM to feature a true hybrid mode allowing you to scale and project every app, widget, and even system components individually), OPPO's own ColorOS, and PAC ROM (a combination of Paranoid Android, AOKP, and CyanogenMod 10.1, it lets you enjoy all the good things offered by the three firmwares).

Though PAC ROM aggregates many amazing features, it requires a very technologically advanced user, if you are one who only wants to customize your system and enjoy the features that you love best, then the brand's very own ColorOS is the one for you. It is very user friendly and it was designed by incorporating feedbacks from users.

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