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An individualised page just for OPPO, here you will find the products you want from this Chinese electronics company. Even though the brand is quite young, it has established itself in the personal technology market, especially with its smartphones. It focuses its efforts on designing and manufacturing media players, ebooks, and mobile phones using high quality components.


OPPO: When Youth Means Creativity


A worldwide producer of smartphones and audio and video players is a relatively young company formed in 2004 in China. Today it is a well-known manufacturer operating in North America, Europe and Asia. Since 2008 the company has been presented in portable electronics segment and set its own production of mobile phones where they already has got a reputation of innovator after launching the thinnest device. Another branch - Digital Inc. located in Silicon Valley, USA, develops and manufactures high-end AV players. Their upscale Blu-Ray players, headphones and headphone amps has a millions of fans in USA.


Smartphones That Worth Every Paid Penny


Introducing their first mobile phone in 2008 and smartphone - in 2011, the company started to grow very fast simultaneously investing into research and development and marketing. In 2012, technology and design expenditures counted $10 million. While among the strategic partners the company has Qualcomm (USA) and MediaTek (China) that are the leaders in mobile devices processor manufacture, the handsets produced by OPPO are always high-capable.


The first smartphone that attracted the world attention was Finder launched in 2012 and stated as “the thinnest” on the market (6.65mm that is impressive even two year ago). The devices made in laconic and elegant design quickly found their fans among the lovers of minimalistic iPhone style, especially because of attractive pricing policy. Almost every Chinese manufacturer handset being equipped with up-to-date hard- and software is available at price approx. 30% lower.


To date the latest launches of smartphones include lines Find the last release of which offers the best screen resolution ever presented in such a device and 50MP photos, and N series - focused on camera features. Along with powerful processors and advanced cameras, the handsets can be characterized by capable batteries that are more than enough for day usage. With such an approach to specs and design and focus on high-end smartphones production, the company soon will become one of the leaders on the market, and already attract a lot of attention with every single launch.


Rivals Fights


Lately China open to the world a lot of new companies operating in segments related to electronics. At the beginning, the competitive advantage of the most of them was an attractive price-quality ratio, but to date the examples of their devices are also quite interesting from design point of view. Thus the competition becomes more and more tough. E.g. OPPO and OnePlus that both work on smartphones market and follow similar pricing policy while having product characteristics very close to each other. The result of this market fight is difficult to predict but for sure and luckily for us as users these Chinese manufacturers are creating problems for their European “colleagues”.


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