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OKI - a well known Japanese electrical company


OKI is an electrical company from Japan. The main equipments sold by OKI, printer products and the info-telecom. OKI has its business over the world which includes almost 120 countries. The company manufactured its first telephone in their homeland in the year 1881. And that was a great challenge for them to design a telephone in 1881 but with more development, which took a great deal of time.


OKI DATA printing solution


By 130 years from then, the company was able to develop well advanced telephone equipments. Other than the telephone equipments, the company also developed a high quality of Printers. But for delivering the printers, OKI used a separate name for the company. It came to be known as OKI data. The company was also engaged in the semiconductor business, but this was not as successful as Printers and telephone equipments. OKI continued to provide services to financial institutions, large corporate sectors, telecom carriers and government agencies.


The OKI data group focused on developing OKI printer. It's specially designed for graphic art printing and for the production market based in the North America. And it aimed to provide a great print solution in the North American market for the color critical application. The OKI is an award winning printing company which offers printers of high quality that fulfills the requirement of innovative printing and the MFP’s. The full product summary of the OKI printer includes, color printing solution, impact printers also known as SIDM, monochrome printers, MFP’s and the POS printers.


Prices of certified printer


All the printers are designed in order to achieve the requirements of higher level office printing mechanism within a low cost budget. Adding to all the features, the OKI printer and all the products are certified from ENERGY STAR, this certifies that the printer has the following features, deep sleep mode, duplex printing mode which allows the energy efficiency for all types of office environments. The prices of this certified printer you can find at PricePanda. We listed prices from the best online shop in the country. Furthermore, you can check full specification and user review to give you more information about the product.