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Nokia Smartphones designed by a communications giant

Nokia started producing electronic devices in 1962. This Finland based brand is now a giant in the communications world and one of the leading manufacturers of mobile phones. There are many types of smartphones available from Nokia, such as the Lumia and Asha ranges. Nokia has had a long standing partnership with Nokia Smartphones, with all of its Lumia phones being run on the Windows phone operating system. In late 2014, they acquired some of Nokia's mobile phone business, including rights to the Lumia range. These top of the range Nokia smartphones are now produced under licence. The Lumia series can be compared to the OPPO smartphone, which is a 'phablet'. They both have a screen size, which at 5.2 inches, is somewhere between a typical smartphone and a tablet computer. There are pros and cons to these larger phones, such as the OPPO smartphones, depending on what you are looking for in your mobile devices. Phablets have to be moved around in the hand or operated by both hands as most user's thumbs cannot reach the entire screen surface.

Nokia Lumia

A range of smartphone options from Nokia

A Nokia Smartphone contains all the features, such as personal digital assistants, GPS navigation and media players, that can be found in similar brands, like HTC Smartphones. All Nokia phones have a camera, with Nokia having a good reputation in the marketplace for the quality and clarity of pictures taken by its devices. Their smartphones make good point and shoot cameras with excellent focus. Recent models will have internet web browsing as a standard feature, as well as Wi-Fi, motion sensors and mobile payment mechanisms for contactless shopping. The Nokia Asha range is an affordable series with great functionality for social networking and sharing. Its price and features make it very popular in the Asian market, especially as a starter mobile phone. Midway between the Lumia and the Asha series is the Nokia X family of smartphones. These were the first Nokia phones to operate on the Android OS. With a smartphone from Nokia users can access the Nokia store to download mobile games, ringtones and a huge range of applications.

Nokia 215

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