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The world’s largest video gaming company, Nintendo is one of the main reasons for the rejuvenation of the industry in the late 80s. It introduced devices like the Gameboy and Nintendo DS into homes and is often the first choice for gamers. This page on PricePanda has been created specifically to showcase the Nintendo products available for you on our site, at the best prices.


Nintendo a famous gaming company from Japan


Nintendo is a popular video game company. It is located in the Japan but due to its great popularity, it is known all over the world. The company was founded in the year 1889. It has grown to as one of the most famous multinational consumer for the electronic industry in Japan. Fusajiro Yamauchi founded the company. In the initial phase the company made hanafuda cards which were handmade. The company also tried its luck in the business consisting of small niche which includes the cab company and love hotel. But it became successful as a video game producing company. The value of the company is around US$85 billion, and it is considered to be the best video company with popular Nintendo games. The popular Nintendo gaming consoles are Color TV game, Wii, Nintendo 64.


The Nintendo DS gaming console


While the Nintendo DS is a gaming console which is developed by Nintendo. It is a handheld gaming device with dual screens. The device was first sold in North America in the year 2004. The DS word stands for Dual Screen. This was introduced with some unique features for the handheld gaming devices: the LCD screen activity in the tandem along with a touch screen facility, a microphone built into the device and a wireless connectivity feature for the device. The gaming device also allows the user to play games in the multiple DS console in order to interact directly with the opponent through Wi-Fi connectivity. But the range of connectivity is short and it has to be connected in the current wireless network.


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Not only the DS, Nintendo also produce Nintendo wii, a friendly gaming device. This is indeed an exciting gaming option which is liked by everyone and that is the reason, the Wii is also known as the family gaming console. Because it is designed for multiplayer games and require physical activities. You can find the best Nintendo price on the market as we listed prices from the best online shops in the country. Moreover you can also read review and find more gaming devices.