Nikon Digital Cameras: Best prices in Malaysia (3 Items found)

A Nikon DSLR Camera continues the rich history of the Nikon brand

The Nikon brand was developed in 1917 when the company itself was formed as a producer of lenses for many different uses. The success of the lens production side of the business led to the Nikon brand being created as a name for the camera production department in 1946. After deciding to focus on the camera production side of the business, Nikon was taken as the name of the entire company in 1988. The company has always been known for the high quality of both the camera lenses and bodies they have produced, Nikon DSLR cameras have continued this tradition as they became a major rival to Olympus in terms of quality.

Nikon D80

A Nikon DSLR Camera is a leader in the development of new technologies

Nikon produces cameras in almost every price range that can be used by a novice photographer looking to learn how best to use a DSLR to those designed specifically for experienced or professional photographers. A Nikon DSLR camera price is generally comparable to those in the same quality range, Nikon often provides a series of technological developments. One of the top reasons many people use a Nikon is that the DSLR can often be difficult to use in terms of fast shooting times, up to five frames per second can be shot for still images using a Nikon to capture the best in action shots. These great features make Nikon the main rival to the industry leader: the Canon DSLR.

The majority of the DSLR options from Nikon also include the opportunity to take full HD 1080p video, which can be uploaded and shown on monitors and TVs for a full cinematic experience. A further development that is popular with both professional and amateur photographers is the inclusion of wireless Internet technology that makes it simple to Email and upload video and still images with ease. A large three inch touchscreen at the rear of each body makes it simple and easy to choose the best options from the extensive, yet simple to navigate menu.

Nikon D4

Find the lowest prices on Nikon cameras in Malaysia

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