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Motorola – a pioneer in manufacturing mobile phones


Motorola was known for its wireless telephone services. It started in 1928 based in the United States. The company also pioneered for making flip phone and calm phone. By mid 2000s the company did a great business and was quite successful but after that the company lost around $4 billion which led to a division of the company. And with this, Motorola lost its significant place in the telecommunication industry. The company has flourished in many countries and particularly Motorola Malaysia did a great business during its launching of the wide variety of smartphones. In order to regain the position in the industry, the company came up with innovative smartphone technologies.


The successful Motorola RAZR


The Motorola RAZR was a very successful smartphone that made its first appearance in the year 2003. Till date, the RAZR is the highest-selling clamshell phone in the world. There are several versions of the RAZR and the latest one is known as DROID RAZR. The later versions of the RAZR had the Android operating system. The RAZRs are proof of the high level of craftsmanship Motorola employs to manufacture smartphones.


Other Motorola products


Apart from making mobile phones the company also excels in making tablets and the Motorola Xoom is an example. Motorola also produces electronics products of other categories. Some of the products from Motorola include corded phones, cordless phones, modems, gateways, hands-free products, walkie-talkies, fitness products, headsets, chargers, docking stations, etc.


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