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One of the best known and longest-running technology corporations, Microsoft develops and manufactures, computer software, personal computers, and consumer electronics. Most recently, it has been getting some of the smartphone market action by releasing its Windows phone and getting behind the Nokia brand. There are countless products only available from this American company that are sure to catch your attention.


Microsoft to win the market


When it comes to software technology, security, and business solutions, Microsoft is one of the first things that come into mind. However, recent news proves that this technology giant is not just a software company – when it comes to technology, Microsoft proves to be prepared in any scenes. How big is this company? Here are some of the latest innovations from Microsoft that are out to win the market.


Microsoft's innovations to look forward to


Microsoft has recently entered the hardware scene with the Microsoft Surface, which is more of a mix of everything you enjoy in a tablet and a laptop. PC users who have been looking for a light solution without having to compromise utility and design will get a kick out of this product – this boasts the beauty of the Microsoft Windows (Windows RT or Windows 8) with an incredibly thin and light body, and still have the features one needs, which includes full-size USB ports and HD-out ports. At the same time, it provides you the option to type with a keyboard, or use it as a touch screen.


Microsoft also touched the gaming industry with the Xbox 360. With recent innovations done to this console, this gaming monster is set to enjoy being one of the best video-streaming boxes. Meanwhile, enjoy HD graphics from each game and video you watch from this console.


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