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A lifestyle brand that has operations in areas like home appliances, mobile communications, and vehicle components, LG is one of South Korea’s best exports in the electronics market. Here, on this page dedicated to LG, you can find a wide range of its products that contributed in creating its $1.6 billion profit in 2014. Find out more about its TVs, smartphones, watches, and more.


LG: Ultimate Experience and Ease of Usage


A well-known electronic goods producing company believes that life is not all about having or using the latest electronic goods, but the high-end technologies at your service. Offering a bunch of products like TVs, phones, home appliances and more the company gives the opportunities to make the life easier and, of course, provides a wonderful experience while using the electronic goods. LG Malaysia is successful in delivering electronic articles which come with innovations both from technical side and design. These products are created with respect to the balance between energy efficiency and responsiveness while it is used.


Aim for Smart Devices


The company was founded in 1947, but the actual production of home appliances and other electronic goods had started in 1958. Since that time, the manufacturer brought to the world the first chip for digital TVs production, 60 inch plasma panel and many more. LG electronics aims to design smart products having high responsiveness, intuitiveness, interconnectivity and a good energy efficiency capability. And all these characteristics can be simply found in refrigerators, TVs, ovens and other home appliances and gadgets produced by the company.


Portable Entertainment: Smartphones and Tablets


Lately the manufacturer is among the world leaders in production of portable communication devices. Starting with Optimus line performing Android smartphones, to date the company also has handsets in collaborations with Google (some products of Nexus line) providing a great price-features ratio and even with fashion brand Prada. In the assortment of the manufacturer you can also find the first smartphone which is able to record 3d video and one of its kind - the curved flexible handset. The flagship line is on its way to be expanded by the bunch of devices varying in characteristics and price, thus you surely will find something for yourself.


Regarding tablets, equipped with the HD screens these 7 - 10 inch portable devices are stylish, slim and run Android which means that the most popular platform will open you the doors to the entertainment apps. In addition, the capacitive battery and microSD option make the tablets the perfect long-term companion.


Stylish and Innovative TVs


TV solution from LG are both fashionable and capacitive. Among the range of sizes and technologies used the company cover all the segments and meets the needs of any customer. Whatever you search, e.g. LCD screen allowing to bring the light and the atmosphere of involvement into your personal home cinema or LED ones - the slimmest and most energy efficient pieces of art, you will get the best product exceeding your expectations.


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