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A Lenovo tablet tale: for every task and every user


Chinese computer technology company, Lenovo - based in Beijing, China and Morrisville, North Carolina, United States is viewed as the most trusted manufacturer of computers - especially thanks to the globally popular Lenovo Thinkpads. But technologies are developing faster than ever before, continually introducing new types of devices. Lenovo was among one of the first companies who started to work with Ultrabooks with its IdeaPad series.


Today the company is the world's largest personal computer vendor that operates in more than 60 countries and sells products in 160. The reasonable price-to-quality ratio, with the emphasis on quality, makes the devices desirable as well as top sellers. Every user can find a product that fits his/her tastes and meets the needs from both a performance and budget point of view.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8

PricePanda has reviewed the main Lenovo tablet lines to help you with orientation in this variety of gadgets, and provided tips regarding how to find tablets from Lenovo at the best price in Malaysia.


Tablets on the most popular platform - Android OS


Lenovo offers tablets on Android as well as Windows OS. The Android-run tablets are focused on providing entertainment tools and presented by lines: Yoga, A and S series. The first one, Yoga, is a mix of innovation design, multi usage and long-life battery, which makes it truly universal. In 2013 the first model made a revolution on the market that was successfully prolonged by the 2014 releases. The Lenovo tablets of this series are equipped with a stand allowing you to use the tablet in three different modes. With respect to your current tasks and needs the product transforms into either a book, or a console and keyboard. This is a recent trend that can be found in certain models of Samsung tablets as well.


The A line is made for users that need a gadget for different types of multimedia. Lenovo tablets of this series are affordable and allow you to fully enjoy the applications. The latest models, such as the A3000, provide lightweight portability which is a great advantage for people who like to work on-the-go.

The S line offers tablets for gameplay and apps, but with a more stylish design. Equipped with HD displays, they provide the best viewing experience in almost every video format.

Lenovo Ideapad

For those who love Windows


For business people and those who love the familiarity of Microsoft Office, Lenovo have developed a series of tablets on the Windows platform, which has MS Office pre-installed. These Lenovo tablets are with larger screen sizes, and they can usually be complemented by a keyboard or stylus for increasing their functionality. In this area Lenovo faces competition from companies like Acer, Dell and HP.


The Miix line, as the name suggests, introduces hybrid device that is a mixture of a tablet and a laptop. The AccuType keyboard, HD screen and microHDMI port make this device perfect for daily work but also allows users to enjoy multimedia as well. The ThinkPad series is a line targeted at professionals. With a stylus, Windows OS and three modes of usage (including presentation), this tablet from Lenovo gives users the opportunity to edit and share documents quickly, whilist the cable, battery and built-in WiFi and 3G keeps them connected.


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