Lenovo Laptops: Best prices in Malaysia (93 Items found)

Get professional performance at a great price with a Lenovo laptop


Most of us got to know Lenovo in 2004 when by buying the Thinkpad business from IBM they emerged on the global market. Now it has grown to become one of the most recognizable laptop brands number in the world. They are famous for producing affordable laptops but the performance is still powerful and enduring. Apart from laptops, Lenovo is also in the business of making tablets, desktops, servers and workstations. Their laptops are divided into three main categories. We have the ThinkPad, Ideapad and the Essential laptop series. Your choice of which to buy will solely depend on your needs. A significant number of the series of Lenovo tablets are following thr same naming scheme as their laptop counterparts.


Unique Lenovo features


Lenovo claims to be the place where innovation grows into reality. Actually, this is what has made their products stand out as the best among their competitors. Through innovation in their technology approach, we have the best performing laptops from them. If you look at the reviews that people write about Lenovo products, then you will understand why their products have become popular among many users. The level of customer satisfaction encompasses the one of other OEMs like Dell.


Sturdier laptops are now what we need. We need laptops which are resistant to constant bumps when travelling and Lenovo has proved that they can deliver. Despite their laptops being affordable, they still perform as expected. The laptops have a sturdy cover to offer protection against scratching and dropping.


Lenovo laptops have a special security feature among other great features you would like in a laptop. It uses face recognition software inbuilt to unlock the welcome screen. Such security features help you keep your information secure from unauthorized access. This is an advanced feature that the top of the line Thinkpads have built in and its rivals the security implementations on the latest Macbooks .


Lenovo has now put up support centers in many countries to offer solutions to your laptop problems. In addition, their online support system is superb and you get answers in real time. Not many companies offer such customer support.


Various laptop series from Lenovo


Lenovo has produced a variety of laptop lines to fit many price points and deliver an amazing experience to all of their customers. The Thinkpad series for example is aimed at professionals that need a reliable working tool to get them thru a whole day at the office, and deliver sublime performance. The Ideapad series of Lenovo laptops are aimed at the younger audience, and proved to be quite popular with students and teenagers. Their Essential line is an all round laptop that is aimed towards a very broad audience that requires light computing power for some communication and entertainment.


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Lenovo has found its way into many markets, including Malaysia. The prices vary between particular series and models depending on the choice of processors, memory and so on. Then there are a lot of online stores in Malaysia that offer constant discounts, best deals and special prices. That is why, it is useful to take advantage of the price comparison feature on PricePanda. It helps customers in the market for a Lenovo laptop find the best price for their preffered device. They can also take a look at the full specs list and read each laptop unique features. PricePanda also provides customer reviews from existing users of the products, in order to make your searching experience easier.