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The German optics company provides its customers with top quality products, among which the photographic lens and the camera stand out. Founded in 1849 this company with huge history background has built its reputation as a perfect choice for anyone willing to rely on a machine to reproduce every precise and important moment of your life. The outstanding expansion of the name comes together with the promise of a great service provided by a tool that is most appreciated by the ones that really enjoy from taking pictures. Symbol of experience and professionality, this brand is an icon for all photographers.


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Are you a fan of point and shoot cameras? At PricePanda you will be able to find these compact models useful to bring with you everywhere with a wide selection adapted to every taste. These cameras, that are designed for simple operations facilitate the picture taking by their automatic systems, working together with its flash, forget about complications with this cameras! Develop your passion adjusting to your camera a wide angle lense, which will allow you to take a bigger part of the scene in your photograph or deciding among the distance you are willing to leave between two different things left at the front or at the back.


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