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Founded in March, 1969 Konami was a jukebox retail and repair business present at Toyonaka City at Osaka in Japan. Its current representative Director and founder is Kagemasa Kozuki. Established as the Konami Industries Co. Ltd., in 1973, the industry is currently known as Konami Corporations. They are basically a Japanese developer making entertainment things for kids.


Popular arcade of games


Konami Corporations make numerous things like trading cards, toys, anime, arcade cabinets, slot machines and also video games. Among this various products, they have mainly gained glory through their video game related products. Some of the series of popular video games are Contra, Castlevania, Dance Revolution, Frogger, Gradius, Suikoden, pro evolution soccer, metal gear, silent hill, teenage mutant ninja turtles and many more. Among this pro evolution soccer is very popular and famous among gamers. This game is also known as World Soccer or winning eleven in places like South Korea and Japan. Konami design licensed cartoon series games like the animated Batman series or Tiny Toon adventure series. They also produce cinematographic games like Silent Hills. These games are an integral part in the growing up stage of kids. The games are even popular among the adults.


Winning eleven reach the market


These games are always available on the local market as they are not very expensive and are affordable. One can visit to the nearest stores where video game like the winning eleven is kept. Many online websites are there where a wide variety of this type of products is advertised. The games can also be bought from a host of online shopping sites like Amazon or eBay. It can also be downloaded from various websites like Softonic or Brothersoft.


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Konami has acquired popularity in a very short period of time with its video games. Presently it is a leading name in the world of video games and the games are available on platforms like Xbox and PlayStation. For more information you can visit their official site. You can also check out the games at PricePanda for more results.