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Born in a garage, the technology company has since grown and now operates in more than 170 countries around the world. They explore how technology and services can help people and companies address their problems and challenges. They help people and businesses realize their possibilities and aspirations. They apply new thinking and ideas to create more simple, valuable and trusted experiences with technology while continuously improving the way their customers live and work.

The company employs an integrated approach to business and consumer products. They make sure that their products and services simultaneously drive human, economic, and environmental progress. They want to advance not just technology but also the overall well-being of their consumers and the environment. They aim to create a better future for everyone through their actions and innovations. They take pride in working only with suppliers who supports their cause. Consumers can rest assured that when they purchase a product from the company, all its raw materials were sourced in a non-exploitative way. They are working towards conflict-free certification and they support initiatives to establish viable sources of conflict-free raw materials. They hire only the most talented people who shares their vision of providing their consumers with not just the best but also the fairest technologically advanced products.

The Palo Alto, California based company is one of the few multinationals to routinely works to reduce the environmental footprint of their operations, from consumer products to enterprise servers and data centers. They lead the research on new silicon photonic interconnects that use light to transmit information instead of electrons which promises to reduce the energy needed to process data by one to two orders of magnitude, while improving the speed and economics of high-performance computing. This innovation, once made available to mass consumers, will not only save power consumption but will also revolutionize computing in general.

Hewlett-Packard produces lines of personal computers, printers, scanners, calculators, laptops, workstations, digital cameras, smartphones, ink and cartridges, and several other accessories.

HP Products

Computing and Smart Line of Devices

The brand understand their consumers' need for devices that not only enhances productivity but are also reliable, high-performance, and comes with security features, and optimized power consumption. Their line of PCs, monitors, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, delivers just that and more. Their consumer personal systems portfolio comes with a host of innovative form factors, and multiple operating system (OS) options, including a new notebook powered by Android.

Among the company's most popular laptop brands are it Pavilion, ENVY, Chromebook, and hybrids line. Their Pavilion line features unique two-in-one notebook designs. The most recent addition to this brand are their convertible and detachable laptops. These gives consumers the performance and mobility they want and need. Their ENVY line is ideal for people looking for a high-performance PC that bridges the gap between work and play. They enable users to shift effortlessly from work to play by combining tablet portability with notebook productivity in a sleek, lightweight device. Most recently the company has been expanding their Chrome and Android devices, their Chromebook line are very affordable, powerful, and is now one of their most popular product line. Their Android line includes the Slatebook line of notebook. It gives users access to the more than 1 million Android apps and games on Google Play in a more productive form factor.

The company's tablet lineup is not as mainstream as other tablets mainly because they are focused on business. Their ElitePad and ProPad series are light, flexible, and powerful. Both supports a work and life blend and lock in to an organization’s IT infrastructure for manageability and increased security. Both lines are backed by a complete accessory ecosystem that ensures maximum productivity, security and ease of use.

Aside from their wide range of mobile computing solutions, the company also manufactures a line of highly customizable towers, CPUs, and workstations. They offer fast data transfer speeds for highly intensive workloads and new technologies like Thunderbolt offer the flexibility for high-performance external expandability. Whether it’s being used by an engineer creating 3D components, an architect designing buildings or a graphics designer editing large images, their line of PCs, CPUs, and all-in.one devices gives creative professionals, gamers, IT professionals, and many more the power they need to accomplish their tasks faster and more efficient.

Home and Office Productivity Helpers

If there is another range of products the company is known for, it is their very reliable line of printers, scanners, copiers, inks and toners, and all-in-one devices. Their Designjet, Deskjet, ENVY, Laserjet, Laserjet Enterprise, Laserjet Pro, Officejet, Officejet Enterprise, Officejet Pro, Photosmart, and Scanjet lines of productivity helpers are among the most recognized and best in the market. They cover a very wide price range meaning there's one that will suit your budget, whether it is for personal and home use or to help your organization. Their line of printers and all-in.one solution devices eliminates the need to choose between productivity and quality. Products in this range provides a unique combination of speed, quality and versatility, while remaining cost-effective.

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