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Power Tools for Your Home

Power tools are mechanical devices that are commonly used in construction, home repairs, wood and metal works, or gardening. These tools can either run on electricity or pressurized air. Before, only professional contractors would own a set of power tools. Today, even moms have to make sure that they have a tool kit hidden somewhere in the house in case some basic drilling or cutting is needed. Power drills, saws, and screwdrivers are a few of the basic power tools you will need to have at home.

Power or hand drills are typically used to bore holes on walls. They are available in corded and cordless variants. Corded drills, which run on electricity, have limited reach compared to cordless models. You might need to plug your corded power drill to lengthy extension wires or use a work ladder for hard-to-reach places. Battery-powered cordless drills are lighter and you can easily use and bring them anywhere.

Power saws such as band, circular, and miter saws have portable, handheld, and stationary models. Stationary models are used for complex construction operations. These power tools have a toothed blade that cuts through wood or metal. The most commonly used for basic carpentry or woodwork is the circular saw.

You power tool set would not be complete without a pistol-grip cordless screwdriver. They are used for fastening or unfastening screws. Modern screwdrivers even have a built-in lamp to illuminate dark corners.

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