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Kettles: For that perfect cuppa

Coffee and tea are undeniably part of life’s little pleasures. They perk you up day, noon, and night with a distinct aroma that’s soothing and addicting. These concoctions are never complete without hot water. And though there are tons of ways and tools for heating water, kettles are still the safest way. Microwaves, for example, are not ideal for boiling, as they emit radio waves that could be harmful to your health. It is not surprising then that kettles, albeit their simple and traditional functions, have made their way as choice kitchen fixture.

Quick Tips on Buying Kettles

Although kettles come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, they basically have two main types: the traditional stovetops and the modern electric models. Stovetops take longer to heat water and are largely known for their distinct whistling function when the water boils. Electric models, on the other hand, are more efficient and energy cost-effective. Most electric models have cords, but the most recent ones come cordless. When choosing the right kettle for your kitchen, you also have to consider the volume capacity, the type of material whether in stainless steel or plastic, and ease of use that includes, switch or button features and hand grips.

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