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Gone are the days when sewing machines only come in huge, steeled frameworks. These machines demanded a bigger floor space and were very hard to move around the house. Today, on-the-go seamstresses, fashion and costume designers, and stay-at-home moms have found a new sewing companion in the form of portable machines like the Toyota FSG 325 professional home sewing machine, and handheld equipment like the IYWB handy sewing machine.

Portable and handheld sewing machines give you the option to sew light to heavy fabrics with or without a foot pedal. Portable machines offer a variety of pre-set stitching styles, speed options, and other functions that are not found in handheld machines. Brother sewing machines are among the strongest competitors in this category. Some of their latest models offer 60 stitching patterns, not only for your basic sewing needs, but also for embroidery, quilting, and other decorative linings; these stitches are matched with more presser feet and buttonhole options and you can easily set them via the unit’s LCD screen. Other features that you may find useful are a detachable quilting table, an optional foot control, an automatic threading function, a hand-carry case, and a compartment dedicated for sewing accessories.

For handheld sewing machines, Singer sewing machines are the leading players in the market. They are affordable and portable, perfect for when you have an “emergency stitching” to do. They pack enough features (four steel bobbins, three sewing needles, a needle-threader, and an extra spool pin) for quick mending and hem-up or on-the-spot repairs. You can use AA batteries to power the machine in case you don’t want to purchase a separate power adapter. Singer also has a strong product line of portable machines that rival Brother. You can check our list of top products to find the best Singer sewing machine for all your sartorial needs.

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