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What to Look For in Steam Irons

You’d certainly want to come to the office looking like a smart professional by wearing neatly pressed clothes. Donning properly ironed clothes is part and parcel of the whole ‘dress to impress’ mantra. So if you’re making a list of essential home appliances that you need to buy, be sure to include an efficient steam iron with reliable features.

Our steam iron reviews have summarized the features you need to look for before purchasing a steam iron. Those whose primary concern is safety should look for irons that have a 3-way automatic shut-off feature. Whether you leave your iron on face down, sideways, or upright, it will automatically shut down when not in use for a long time. In such cases when the ironing board is accidentally toppled and your steam iron was dropped on the floor, this feature will automatically cut the power from your iron. You can check our top products like the Tefal FV9604 Iron and GV8960 Iron and compare their prices and features to get the best online deal on steam irons.

If you need speedy ironing, look for a steam iron with a good steaming rate. Steaming rate is the speed at which the iron warms up and is able to emit steam from the time it was turned on. Irons with higher wattage have a faster steaming rate. Another important feature to look for is the burst of steam function. This feature helps you press cuffs and collars and heavy fabrics like denims and canvas. The Philips GC1021 Steam Iron prides itself for its easy speed features, perfect for your quick ironing needs.

Furthermore, for good ironing quality, choose a steam iron with a non-stick and scratch-resistant soleplate that tapers along the tip--for easy maneuvering when gliding through zipped or buttoned linings on your clothes. Other added features for your convenience are a soft grip handle, an easy-to-manage power cord (there are actually cordless models that heat the soleplate via an iron charger base), and a removable water tank for hassle-free refills.

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