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The Basics of Horse Supplies

Horses are intelligent animals. They have the stamina and cognitive abilities to undergo rigorous training. Horse riders, trainers, and owners have observed that these animals have a sense of fear, anxiety, compassion, and competitiveness. In the Southeast Asian region, only a few people own horses, but most would say that they have experienced horseback riding in theme parks or rented villas. Regardless of the place where you’re able to make use of your equestrian skills, you ought to know the basic horse equipment that will help you have a great horse riding experience.

Horse supplies such as saddles, bridles, reins, bits, nosebands, stirrups, surcingles, and blinders are collectively called the tack. A horse saddle is the most important equipment fastened to the horse’s body. This is where a rider would mount to get full control of the horse’s speed and direction. Saddles come in different finishings, stitchings, and styles. Leather saddles are said to be more durable than their synthetic counterparts.

The bridle system attached to the horse’s head allows you to relay commands and directions to the horse. It is comprised of a bridle, a bit or noseband, and reins. A bridle is made up of straps that go into the horse’s head (this is sometimes called a headstall or crownpiece), connecting the bit or noseband and reins. Metal or synthetic-made bits are placed inside the horse’s mouth, while leather nosebands are strapped around the horse’s nose; both are connected to the reins which, when tugged or pulled, would give subtle cues or signal combinations to the horse. Nosebands are said to give riders more control without scaring the horse off.

A pair of stirrups will help you mount onto the horse and give support to your feet, helping you get the proper horse riding form. A stirrup is a metal frame or ring that is usually attached to the saddle. If you are thinking of buying your own saddle or bridle system, make sure to consult a professional trainer first and get some pointers on the right size, fit, and structure suitable for you and your horse.

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