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The Best Drinking Buddies

Setting a casual lunch or formal dinner requires a different set of platings, utensils, and of course, drinkware. There are different kinds of drinkware, from quirky cups, to elegant flutes. Coffee mugs are among the most popular collectibles in the kitchen. If you’re into collecting one-of-a-kind mugs, you may find our set of self-stirring mugs interesting and fun to use. Inside the mug is a small turbine that runs on AAA batteries. When you push the button located on the mug’s handle, the turbine will begin stirring your favorite drink. If you want to spend your weekend idling in front of the television while eating some popcorn, this is the perfect drinking companion for you.

Another type of glassware or drinkware is called stemware. They are structured with a stem connected to a base and a glass bowl. Stemware vary according to its shape, size, and use. For example, stemware with wide bowls are often used for red wines, while stemware with tall and narrow bowls like the Bormioli Rocco Eco Flute (sparkling-wine glasses or flutes), are typically used to serve champagnes.

Drinkware are not only limited to the regular drinking glasses you use during meals. That is why PricePanda also has a number of great deals on products like the Kenwood Smoothie 2GO SB055. This unique product has a travel mug that serves two main purposes: first, as a container where you blend your fruits and vegetables to create a refreshing, healthy drink; and second, when you flip the container, you can turn it into an on-the-go drinkware, with the bottom attachment of the unit as a lid. You may check the best offers on this product and get it delivered to you straightaway!

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