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What to Look for in Cookware

Among the many kitchenwares neatly stacked in the cupboard and kitchen cabinet, cookware occupy the best and largest space. Casseroles, French and Dutch ovens, pans and pots, pressure cookers, roasters, skillets, steamers, and woks are all cookware. These are made up of different materials such as stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum and copper. When choosing a set of cookware, you first have to identify the materials used at its core/bottom, handle, and lid, while keeping in mind these factors: durability, heat conductivity, price, and maintenance.

Copper cookware conducts heat better than stainless steel. It means that when you turn the stove knob up or down, the cookware can easily adjust to the temperature without burning or overcooking your food. Most professional chefs use this kind of cookware solely because it cooks food evenly. For non-professional cooks, an aluminum cookware has almost the same heat conduction properties, although its downside is that the aluminum dents easily.

Stainless steel and cast iron cookware are said to be the most durable. They are less expensive; however, they don’t conduct heat as effectively as copper cookware. But if you want something more affordable, which still has good heat conductivity, you can try to look for some kitchenware made of steel with a bottom core made of copper or aluminum. Cast iron cookware are heavier but are proven to last for generations.

When you shop for a new set of kitchenware, say, a frying pan, rap the pan with your knuckles to check the thickness of its build. The thud sound will tell you that the quality is good.

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