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The use of lighting has always been an important part of several arts, like film, theater, photography, and architecture. Depending on its placement and intensity, light can create and enhance different moods and settings. In the past, architects would often make use of lighting designs that take advantage of natural lights; one example is the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul which is decorated with forty windows, encircling the interior of the nave of the basilica.

Today, modern buildings are equipped with LED lights and luminaires that are powered by solar technology to save energy. Most residential homes in Western countries are now using energy-efficient lights like the Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb (CFL), as it is projected to have 8 times the lifespan of the traditional incandescent bulb.

Ceiling lights like the recessed lights, pendant lights, chandeliers, and wall lights like the sconce are simpler and are often used in homes. These luminaires are mounted or suspended on the ceiling, giving out a cave-like or subtle lighting effect. Their light distribution is mainly downward, and gives a more relaxed mood and accentuated pattern especially when used in exhibits.

Most of these light fixtures fall under the direct lighting design, which helps save electricity, as this scheme only covers a specific area in which lights are more controlled and their intensity lessened. On the contrary, a troffer or parabolic fluorescent light fixture can cast brighter illumination as this type diffuses light upwardly. These lights are widely used in office spaces, schools, and laboratories.

The market for lights is no longer limited to indoor light fixtures. Landscape design is now as vital as interior design, and many architectural aficionados have learned that lighting design is one of the keys to a picturesque garden or mini-park view. Solar-powered lamps and other wall-mounted lights are often favored by landscape designers. Furthermore, outdoor lighting not only adds to aesthetics, but also security purposes. These products must be installed properly to ensure clear vision and to prevent glare.

LED fixtures like LED outdoor flood lights are said to be the best option to keep your surroundings well lit at night. LED lights are more effective and efficient as they have longer service life and can light up wider areas in full brightness.

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Lighting design addresses three important issues: creativity, security, and efficiency. From the natural lighting used in the days of yore, other types of lights have followed, keeping us safe at night and brightening our way. Nowadays, establishments do not just use ceiling or string lights. They also carry flood lights, motion sensor lights, bollards, street lights and strip or industrial lights.

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