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The bathroom sink or washbowl, tap, bathtub, and toilet are all common fixtures in the bathroom. Before you buy or replace any of these, you first have to familiarize yourself with the recommended models, materials, and types of installation to help you and your household maximize their use; after all, you are bound to use them for a very long period of time. Here are a few small bathroom ideas to help you choose the right bathroom furnishings.

The most common type of materials used for bathroom sinks are porcelain, vitreous china, and fireclay. They have a smooth, glossy finish, exhibiting a standard all-white and clean bathroom look. Other options that give out a more luxurious feel are those made of granite, marble, or onyx. However, deciding on how the sink should be installed is more important. If you consider space and storage a priority, you can choose a sizeable sink placed on a countertop built with storage spaces; otherwise, you can go for a pedestal sink that sits on a slender post to save up more bathroom space. You should also simultaneously look for the right tap or faucet that will go with your sink. Disk and cartridge taps are said to last longer than ball or compression taps.

To get the perfect bathtub, you will have to depend on your bathroom design. Enameled or cast iron corner bathtubs are installed in a corner of your bathroom. A more expensive and modish option is the freestanding bathtubs. This type has a 4-legged base that props the tub snugly on the floor. These types are ideal for small bathrooms. Other luxurious choices are drop-in bathtubs and whirlpool tubs. The former is directly installed into a platform while the latter, you can get as a corner, freestanding, or drop-in tub. Whirlpool tubs have advanced features, the most popular of which is the hydro-massage.

For the toilet, the common choice is the two-piece toilet, which is designed with the bowl bolted into the tank. One-piece models are more expensive, space-efficient, and easier to clean. Elongated toilet bowls are more expensive but more comfortable to use versus the round ones. Gravity-flush systems or dual flush are the most common types of flush systems used at home.

For bathroom tiles, beware of slippery tiles and those that need constant re-sealing. Make sure to consult a professional before purchasing and installing your bathroom tiles.

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