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Washing Machines: Keeping Your Laundry Load and Clean

Doing laundry is something you don't really look forward to. However, you can make such a chore convenient with the help of a washing machine. Browse PricePanda’s listings from popular brands like Panasonic, Samsung, Bosch, Ariston, Fisher & Paykel, Electrolux, Toshiba, Sharp, LG, Cornell, Whirlpool, and many more. Search for models that are capable of delivering thorough cleaning and even quick drying in one convenient package.

Features to Look Out For

There are many things to consider when buying washing machines. If you have a family of five, consider buying a washing machine that can handle at least twenty kilograms of laundry. If you have kids who easily get their clothes dirty, you can save a lot of time and effort buying a washing machine that can do soaking and more aggressive cycles for better sanitation and agitation. Older models are simplistic, while newer washing machines come with programmable wash menus so that you can leave the machine do its work. We have listed some other features that you should consider before deciding which unit to purchase:

  • Automatic dispensers

This automatic feature enables the washing machine to release bleach, detergent, and fabric softener at the appropriate time in the cycle. An automatic dispenser prevents spattering and can help you save a lot on your expenses for cleaning supplies. No need to worry about wrong estimations and measuring scoops. Just refill the respective compartment whenever it goes empty.

  • Automatic load sensing

This feature is very handy and is often available in front-loader washing machines. This feature automatically determines load size and the amount of water needed. One example of a model that offers such feature is the Fisher & Paykel WH7560P1.

  • Remote control and monitoring features

Some washers can be remotely operated. While there are remotes that provide basic control settings, there are also those with LCD digital display like the Ariston AQ9F29U and the Electrolux EWW1273 which allow you to monitor your laundry's progress as well as start, pause or fully stop cycles. With remote controls, you can do laundry and at the same time do other household chores.

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