Refrigerators: Best prices in Malaysia (288 Items found)

Refrigerators: The coolest place in the kitchen

The fridge keeps your food fresh and your drinks cold. It is arguably the most important kitchen appliance in your kitchen, which is why it pays to invest in a good one. Here at PricePanda, we help you compare prices, brands, and specifications so that you can buy the refrigerator that suits your needs and budget. Buying a new fridge requires smart decision making. You should consider its dependability, durability, size, and features. Some features modern refrigerators may have are adjustable legs, humidity control, water dispensers, power saving functions, and many more.

Top-Freezer Fridge

It is most popular and most budget-friendly type, with the freezer compartment mounted at the top. The freezer usually takes up about one-third of the total unit size giving you more storage space for items that need freezing. Newer models feature reversible doors giving you more flexibility in terms of storage. Among the best deals is Smeg FAB28 which offers a 247-liter fridge section and a 24-liter freezer compartment, a feature that is rare in its price range.

Bottom-Freezer Style

These units are great for keeping frozen snacks like ice creams, yogurts, and popsicles. A bottom-freezer also ensures the items you often need are kept at eye level. They are available in various sizes and are also priced affordably though a bit more expensive compared to the traditional style. Go for Electrolux EBM5107SC, one of the latest models from the refrigerator manufacturer.

Side-by-Side Fridge

Vertical doors on side-by-side refrigerator models offer equal access to your refrigeration and freezer storage. The majority of these models feature ice and water dispensers as well as in-door ice storage, saving you space for larger freezer items. This type gives you more storage space and comes with adjustable shelves, as well as an abundant freezer capacity. However, they are best suited for kitchens with ample spaces and for those with an expanded budget.

French-Door Style

Narrow French doors on these fridge models are great space savers, easing movement even in tight spaces when its doors are open. This type comes with a spacious, full-width compartment that can accommodate large platters and containers. Advanced models offer a bottom-mounted freezer and a second, counter-height drawer that has a temperature and humidity adjustable settings to lodge changing needs. Ice and water dispensers are also offered on most French door fridges.

Compact or Mini-Fridge

As the name suggests, units of this type are miniature versions of the fridge. They are best for limited spaces and can fit into the smallest corners. The LG GR051SS can keep your beers, sparkling wines, and other beverages cold and refreshing. Its dimensions are perfect for your house’s mini-bar or for the office.

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