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Bake, broil, and roast with the right oven for your kitchen

If you’re the type who likes to prepare lavish dishes, cakes, and meals, then a good oven would definitely be an essential tool in your kitchen. There are many online recipes for oven baking, broiling, and roasting, ranging from easy snacks to complex entrees. However, not all ovens will produce the same results. There are different types of ovens, based on size, heat source, and the cooking method used, and these can affect the kinds of dishes you can make as well as the result.

Oven size matters

For example, compact ovens are the smallest type of oven, about the same size as most microwaves. While these are good for light baking and saves space, it limits the size of the dishes you can make in it. For bigger dishes, like roasts or cakes, it might be better to use a single or double oven. Single ovens may have more interior space than double ovens since most double ovens have to split their interior in two. However, one can simultaneously prepare dishes that might require different cooking methods and temperatures with a double oven. Size also affects the method of installation; most compact ovens only need to be plugged in to use, while single and double ovens may have different installation needs, especially with regards to their fuel source. 

Your choice of fuel source

Ovens can either be gas or electric. Electric ovens are cheaper to buy than gas ovens, and utilize dry heat to cook food. They heat food more evenly, but may be more expensive to use than gas ovens. Gas ovens are cheaper to use but may not heat food as evenly. However, gas ovens allow food to retain moisture, and would be excellent for cooking dishes that need to be juicy. Gas ovens also usually come with cooktops, though there are some electric ovens also that have this feature.  

Different heating methods for different needs

Most gas ovens are conventional; they have heated coils within which cook the food. However, this can lead to uneven cooking. Most electric ovens on the other hand use convection to cook food. A fan blows around the heated air, and the heated air currents cause even cooking. This can also lead to food ending up dry. That said, you should choose the best type of heating based on the kind of dish or food you are preparing to get the best results.

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