Kitchen Hoods and Extractors: Best prices in Malaysia (6 Items found)

Why Kitchen Hoods Matter

Kitchen hoods (also called kitchen exhaust or range hood) are elaborate filtration systems that clean the air in the kitchen, removing dirt, combustion byproducts, and odor. A kitchen built with a cooker hood provides better cooking experience. as it helps reduce the heat around the area, making it more comfortable and tolerable for cooks and chefs to stand the long hours needed in preparing and cooking dishes.

Furthermore, range hoods are equipped with fans and blowers to allow proper ventilation and air circulation in the kitchen. Overproduction of carbon monoxide from kitchen appliances like stoves and built-in ovens can contaminate the air you’re breathing and may lead to flu or eye, nose, or throat irritation. Kitchen hoods are pollutant extractors, giving you relief from the excessive smoke and steam that come from cooking. You might also prefer installing hoods that are slimmer in size, like the Ariston SL161PIX and SL191PIX, to keep a simple and uncluttered look for your kitchen.

Cooker hoods also help maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen, as they keep the grease and moisture from sticking to nearby surfaces. This can help prevent bacteria and mold from building up in hard-to-clean crevices in your kitchen hardware or appliances. More advanced kitchen hood models are designed with lighting features and control panels with LCD display, and also operate more quietly than old models.

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