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It is not always possible to line dry clothes, especially if you are living in a flat or during days with bad weather. A convenient solution to this problem is to invest in a tumble dryer. They speed up the laundry process and leave your clothes and towels soft and dry. With so many appliances in the market, it can be a daunting prospect to find and buy the best one for your home. But, with PricePanda, you can compare and find the best budget deals online.

Besides knowing your budget, you must also take into consideration what features would you most likely need for a dryer. Are you looking for a dryer for a family of four, an environmental friendly and a low-energy consuming one, or would you prefer models with features like sensor controls and a touchscreen? Find out which dryer fits the specifications and features your home needs by going through our dryer buying guide below.

Know your needs

  • Capacity

Do you dry large quantities and therefore need large drying capacity? If you are living alone, 5-7 kg provides average capacity. But, if you are part of a family of four, you might want a dryer with a bigger drying capacity and a unit that can load 7 kg and more.

  • Type

Besides making sure that your dryer fits your laundry area or the room designated for drying washed clothes, you also have to consider whether you want a vented or condenser type of dryer. A vented machine like Electrolux EDV605 Dryer is a wall hanging unit with a tube placed through a hole or an open window to release the hot air. On the other hand, a condenser model like Electrolux EDC2086PDW Dryer collects the water produced in a container that can be emptied later on. This type of dryer can be placed anywhere, indoor or outdoor, unlike vented models which have to be placed outside, or near a wall or window for exhaust.

  • Energy efficiency

The most efficient machine uses the least amount of electricity, therefore costs less to run. Keep the cost down by buying dryers with energy efficiency features. Some machines feature timers so that you may run the dryer and leave it until it finishes. Other models have sensors that shuts down on their own whenever your clothes are already dry. There are also those with temperature settings, if you like to warm and cool your clothes after the drying process, while there are those that have remotes so that you can operate your unit from afar.

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