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Dishwashers: Your Cleaning Allies for the Kitchen

Comfort and convenience define modern living. A number of garden tools, home appliances, and kitchen equipment flood the market to help us get through with our household tasks efficiently at the shortest time possible. For the kitchen, dishwashers are a must-have because they keep things neat and clean while saving you time and energy. You don’t need to manually work through kitchen utensils to clean them thoroughly. Haul away grease and grime from plates, bowls, spoons, forks, knives, and other kitchen accessories in no time with these cleaning wonders.

Among the popular manufacturers include Bosch, Miele, Fisher and Paykel, Frigidaire, GE, Kenmore, Samsung, Westinghouse, and Whirlpool. These brands offer quality dishwashers equipped with advanced cleaning systems to ensure that international sanitation requirements and environmental protections standards are met.

Size Matters

When deciding on which dishwasher to buy, one of the first things to consider is space. Classic built-in models have full size cabinets measuring 34” in height, 24” in width and 24” deep. These traditional appliances are huge, having more storage capacity while offering simple or complex dishwashing functions. Most compact dishwashers have double racks; those with triple racks are relatively smaller in dimensions. The portable and countertop models are the most compact – best for kitchens with limited space. Often in wheeled carriages, these portable types are lightweight and handy. 

Know Your Type

Nowadays, dishwashers are usually constructed with stainless steel, although some of their parts are made of plastic. The conventional types of dishwashers have double racks with folded tines or doors, while adjustable trays and triple racks are becoming a fad. Most premium dishwashers have additional flatware slots. Drawer types look more sleek and practical with their individual pull-out slots. These kitchen appliances come with user-friendly push-button controls, making dial control buttons a thing of the past. With the digital age, dishwashers equipped with touch control technology are making their way in the market.

Cutting Edge Features

Dishwashing options have become more complex through the years. From the traditional wash and rinse fixed cycles, leading brands now offer pre-rinse spins aside from repeat wash cycles depending on your preference. Heat-dry options also allow you to control temperature for both washing and drying kitchen utensils, plates and other cookware For a quiet ambience in the kitchen, a no-noise feature is made available, largely due to the improved steam or jet engines of modern dishwashers. Some products also have flexible loading features and sensors. The most advanced dishwashers are equipped with food disposal systems so as not to damage the interiors with food scraps. Recent researches have also encouraged the use of phosphate-free cleaning agents, detergents and dishwashing liquids for health and environmental reasons.

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