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Home, Clean Home

The overall and thorough cleanup of homes is known as general cleaning in tropical countries and spring cleaning in temperate countries. Although the two differ in geographical conditions, their practice and standard for housekeeping are very well the same. Though it usually seen as a chore, it can also be fun with the right motivators like good music, audiobook, a friend or cleaning partner to help you get all the chores done. When cleaning, you can usually apply the same approach to all rooms, working your way from top to bottom. Walls, ceilings, and windows need to be cleaned with a gentle cleanser or a vacuum cleaner with a telescopic handle. Make use of the cleaning tools that come with your vacuum cleaner (dust-brush, upholstery, and crevice tool) to clean crevices and tight or narrow spaces in the cupboard, book shelves, lampshades, or couches.

  • Living Room

Simply wipe off any dust from any paintings or photographs with a damp cleaning cloth; spray cleansers or water solutions may damage your artworks. For heavily stained surfaces, solvent-free stain removers are your best choice as they are non-toxic and safe to use. For light stains on doors and windows, use liquid polishes and impregnated polishing cloths designed to clean mirrors and glass; then gently scrub the window screens using a brush soaked in water with a mild dish-washing liquid. Make sure you also get the right paste or liquid wax for polishing your floor. If you want to clean rugs that have waterproof backs, you get a rotary shampoo machine, a hot water extraction machine, or hire a cleaning service to do it for you.

  • Bathroom

Cleaning solutions for the bathroom are more potent than those used in other areas of the house; the damp makes toilet bowls, tile grouts, and showerhead nozzles hotspots for bacteria. Before cleaning the bathroom, make sure to wear a pair of thick household gloves to protect your skin from germs and the harmful effects of abrasive cleaning agents. You will need and different cleaning solutions, like a bleaching solution to remove mildew in tile grouts, a pH-neutral cleaner to neutralize the bleaching solution, and an acidic cleaner to tackle soap scum. For your showerhead, you can actually use undiluted white vinegar to kill the bacteria. To disinfect toilet bowls, you will need a toilet brush, a sponge, and toilet bowl cleaner or chlorine bleach. Keep your bathroom clutter-free by throwing away expired cosmetics or beauty product; you can even repurpose old lotions and oils for wiping grimy tables or bathroom surfaces.

  • Kitchen

The refrigerator is the most important appliance to clean in your kitchen as it houses all your food supplies. That it is why it is of prime importance to keep your fridge fresh and neat. Unpleasant odors caused by expired food products, overripe fruits and vegetables, or spoiled leftovers are a common problem in refrigerators. Thus, you must make sure to check which items you can keep and which to throw away before cleaning its interior with a sponge, warm water, and a multi-face spray. Removable compartments, trays, glass panels, crisper and meat drawers should be thoroughly washed in the kitchen sink. Make sure to dry them out before putting them back inside. Use a coil spring brush to get dirt of the kick plate panel under the unit's door. If your fridge is made of enameled steel, use a multi-surface solution to clean its exterior; if it is stainless steel, use distilled white vinegar. Used coffee beans or activated charcoals can further eliminate unwanted scents in your fridge.

  • Bedroom

You only have to do a simple wipe-and-clean for bedroom furniture like lamps, nightstands, cabinets, and study tables. However, when it comes to keeping your bed clean, you will need to put in some extra effort. Bed linens need to be changed every week to prevent debris, dirt, sweat, and oil from building up on your sheets. This also helps you avoid dust mites; dust mites cause asthma, allergies, and itchy eyes, and are attracted to linen and furniture that have accumulated dead skin cells. Before dressing your mattress with new bed linens, you can let your mattress stand for a few minutes to distribute the wear evenly.

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