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Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life does not have to be expensive. Spending some time in your own garden is cheaper and can be as fun and relaxing as going to the beach for a quick break. Planning and designing your own garden requires the same resourcefulness as when you’re allotting a budget for your trip’s itinerary, but first, you need to consider how big the space is for your garden and how the climate in your area affects plant growth.

If you live in the city, you might think that it might be difficult or expensive to make room for a garden because space and property are at a premium. However, urban gardens actually require minimal design, which is ideal for small residential places found in the city. They normally have more greeneries to reduce outdoor pollution, with garden furniture such as rattan chairs, woven or mesh armchairs and a wooden or wrought iron center table. Mirrors can help make your garden look bigger. You can also maximize the use of your garden walls by installing a shelf, with customized welded rods drilled into the shelf’s frame; here, you can house your collection of herb plants like aloe vera, basil, and borage. Otherwise, you can use a wire trellis with a 2.5 cm gap off the wall to allow air circulation for climbing plants. You can also mix in some garden decor, in addition to a set of round, plush, and springy pillows to perk up your chairs or benches and make your garden more cozy.

Posh Mediterranean gardens, on the other hand, can take up a lot of room, with most having a swimming pool as part of their design. The planting scheme for this type of garden is a combination of low growing plants and tall palms. Sets of spiky greens and topiaries can also add visual texture and diversity to your garden. How you group your plants will affect the kind of visual impact they will have. Some designs display plants from tallest to largest, with a hedge or tall grass at the back and rows of perennials, caladiums or flowers like parlor maples and begonia in front. Other planting schemes follow an asymmetrical design, sporadically using clipped boxes, blocks of foliage, or clumps of flowers. You can choose decorative containers (plastic, aluminum or PVC) for small plants. As for your furniture, you may add a tulip park bench or a swing bench in the middle of the greenery to achieve a relaxing spot for when life gets too hectic. If you have a pool, parasols and mosaic tiles can accentuate the imagery of a tropical escape.

Contemporary gardens create a more dramatic effect as they are mostly designed with water fountains, blocks of plants arranged in clean, minimalistic lines, with slats of woods for the garden walls or floor. Benches, hammocks, rocking chairs, or tables placed beneath the bright blue or starry sky can provide a safe haven for solitary reflections or family bondings.

Another type of garden that requires a different set of outdoor furniture is the formal garden. It has a symmetrical design with a walkway leading to a particular centerpiece--a classic statue or sculpture. Designers favor the use of a statuary for a more elegant look that is reminiscent of the Renaissance period. This type of garden is also a popular venue for events like weddings or small theatrical performances (that is if a Sylvan theater, al fresco stage, or platform is situated in the garden). Most formal gardens have identical planting beds with clipped evergreen plants, topiaries, or purple bloomers like the nepeta and russian sage, arranged carefully on each side of the walkway. Home garden designs that follow the aesthetics of grand formal gardens make use of some furniture like a grand trunk skeeter beeter hammock or a canopy swing to create a more homey feel.

Compared to formal gardens, cottage-style gardens have a more traditional design that is usually made up of brick-laden pathways and wooden fences. Its dense planting scheme does not have a formal pattern and is composed of native plants and colorful flowers like daisies, bellflowers, and peonies. Most cottage-style gardens are located in front of the house. Here, you can put adirondack chairs and a coffee table where you can have an early morning breakfast or afternoon tea time with friends.

Some big gardens also have a gazebo or pergola with draped vines to add romance and mystery, especially when designed with the right outdoor lights. For big families with a playful brood, installing an outdoor playground in the garden is a good idea. You can also put a small cot in front of a cascading waterfall, where you and your children can rest and reminisce about their best family memories.

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