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Looking for a quick-fix for your hair problems can be as simple as just finding the right product in your local beauty shop. However, with the multitude of hair care products available, the vast lane of brands, and numerous types of hair products, finding your hair care miracle can be overwhelming. Here at PricePanda, we have a wide network of reputable online retailers providing you with the most efficient products for every type of hair. We give you an opportunity to avail even the most expensive hair care products for the best budget deals. The first step to getting that perfect hair day is to determine your hair type and condition. Take time to read our savvy guide below and find out what your hair needs, as well as some good products for your daily hair care routine.

  • Greasy hair

This is a condition that occurs when your scalp secretes an excess of natural oil. The building up of oil in the hair follicles results to a dull-look, making your hair sag and look lifeless. In some cases, it can even smell gross. This hair condition has many causes, such as: hormones, puberty, pregnancy, menopause, infrequent bathing, and many others. Regularly applying hair conditioner after every bath can be one remedy. But, if your scalp produces overly excessive amounts of oil, you can choose to wash your hair two or three times a day with hair treatments that specialize in managing the amount of sebum (the natural oil that the scalp produces) in your hair. You may want to try out shampoos made by Davines and Shiseido that are specifically developed to rebalance the amount of natural oil in your hair. You may also want to buy conditioners and shine enhancers like Pantene Pro-V and Nioxin, as they remove excess sebum without drying out your hair, allowing your hair to remain healthy and glossy.

  • Dry hair and split ends

While it’s good to clean your hair, doing it too often can lead to hair damage and split ends. Hair needs moisture and must maintain an amount of natural oil for it to be healthy. Frequent hair dyeing, blow-drying, ironing, as well as too much sun exposure can also cause your hair to dry out and lose nourishment, making it look tired and frizzy. For the perfect solution, consider using organic hair products like Milea’s honey propolis shampoo, aloe-based hair products, and hair butter to rejuvenate your hair’s natural beauty.

  • Hair loss

As we age, our hair count will tend to decrease. Although this may sound like an inevitability, this can be prevented by applying hair care products that can sustain hair strength and even hair growth. Shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products with Keratin and Palmetto, especially from well-known brands like Kerastase and Redken can help prevent hair loss. Keratin helps nourish the hair, keeping it smooth, firm, and healthy. Avoid expensive hair transplants and invest instead in hair loss prevention products.

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